Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Monday

When your children are no longer in school you forget about holiday schedules. These are the Easter flowers that were on my table this weekend when the whole gang was here for dinner. I even managed to keep the shamrocks (oxalis) alive since St Patrick's day. I think it is a nice combination.

Last week Barb Vedder of  Fun With Barb came and stayed with me to do a workshop and lectures with our local guilds. These are the thoughtful hostess gifts she brought me. The bird even matches my plant pot!

Barb taught an English Paper Piecing class. Everyone loved it!

I will admit I am mostly self taught when it comes to EPP. Barb had such good tips that made it much more enjoyable and my stitches no longer show on the top (well almost), yay! I feel like this person is saying, "I can't find my hand"!

Every class member agreed the handwork was very soothing AND we didn't have to carry our sewing machines!

I was very inspired by her log cabin quilt and am going to make it in my colors. Those logs finish at 1/2".
Thanks Barb for the inspiration and good company, I am so happy you got to see Longwood Gardens! If you are looking for a speaker and a good workshop, send her an email.

I am also working on an applique quilt. I am not sure if I will follow the pattern and I am not sure how big it will be......

It does include some embroidery but I am not 100% sold yet.

I am delivering another recipe kitchen towel this week as a birthday present. So far I have given 2 away and been told this is the coolest present they ever received!

For all the local readers, the Penn Oaks Quilt Guild is having a quilt show, Friday and Saturday the 5th and 6th of  May. You can get all the information here Penn Oaks Quilt Show 2017.
These are a sampling of the mini raffle quilts you can bid on. Please come and support our guild!



  1. Kelly que bonita entrada!!
    tu mesa luce fresca...
    donde vivo el tiempo aunque inusual,
    va más tarde los treboles aun no han tenido flor
    el curso parece que fue divertido,
    buena semana

  2. What a pretty post . . . I just get lost in your quilt piecing . . . you have such a charming way for mixing fabrics. Absolutely beautiful :)

  3. Fussy cutting can create some interesting and humorous images!

  4. Thanks Kelly for all your nice comments. We did have a very BUSY but VERY FUN time. Yay - i love your log cabin! aren't they fun to make? your EPP looks excellent I give you an A+
    your tulips are pretty and I'm still feeling so inspired from visiting Longwood Gardens.

  5. I've been so reluctant about even learning EPP. Classes are few and far between where I live, have to drive forever to get there. There's just something about the pictures of EPP work that looks very addictive!

  6. Love your Easter flowers, so pretty. The blocks are really cute too. Can't wait to see you and the Quilt show. I will be there on Friday. Best of luck with the show

  7. Your flowers are gorgeous!And what fun for you to host Barb, no doubt you two had a good time. I love the idea of your recipe towel, please share a photo of the finished one, I'm so curious. And I had to giggle at the applique quilt, not knowing what size it will finish or if you'll follow the plan. All of my quilts are mystery quilts for those very same reasons.

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