Thursday, April 6, 2017

April Showers Kind of Day


It is a glorious rainy day here. I feel all snug and warm in my sewing room.
This is one of my most favorite ways to work. Take some leftover blocks and turn them into a small wallhanging. I only made one tree and was very frustrated with the instruction. I will at some point sit down and write them out so I can understand them.  I stared at the completed quilt at my friend Cindy's yesterday and I really love it. It's a quilt for another day.The flying geese were some that I was just making here and there. I think it will be a mini raffle quilt for our upcoming Quilt Show, For The Love of Quilting in May.

On another note........there is a huge controversy going on about Tula Pink's upcoming collection called "Animal Spirit" that has caused her to pull the main print fabric from the collection. I feel like the wheels are coming off the universe. No one is safe from it and everyone is a target. I would be curious to know your thoughts. Go to her Facebook post, it will tell you all about it. I am sure by now you can just google it too if you don't want to go to FB.

Hey this is 2 posts in a row, I am on a roll!



  1. It is ART! People need to let everyone have a voice. Don't buy the fabric if you disagree with it's message.

  2. I had not heard of the controversy but I had seen the fabric and thought it was beautiful! I am so sad to read her thoughts and know that she is disappointed. It's scary to put your heart into your work and send it out into the world. I hope she is flooded with support now that this has happened.
    Shaking my head...

  3. It breaks my heart that Tula was bullied and pulled her beautiful print. Love and acceptance for all of our differences needs to be honored. I pray that she knows we love her and her art and will decide to put the print back in. And those who are troubled by the beautiful figures can simply choose not to purchase. Amen!

  4. This is the first I heard of the controversy. How sad that our world has turned into one of social media bullying. Tula Pink's designs are delightful, her colors are joyous. That a few trolls can take down a talented artist is unacceptable. Hatred is seeping into all area of our lives like a cancer and this saddens my heart. As Diane said in a previous comment, I'm also "Shaking my head..."

  5. This cultural appropriation thing has gotten completely out of hand. Can't believe some of the stuff people are getting away with these days. So sad.

  6. I think that many people have been introduced to the idea of cultural appropriation, I hope that this is a good thing?! Although at the same time perhaps it's not a great thing to have happened.

  7. Unbelievable. I am really tired of this cultural appropriation by self-righteous bigots who feel they have the right to make decisions on how they rest of us 'should' feel or act. It is true that some people need educating, but they are not going to be swayed by this rhetoric. Political correctness is getting tiresome.

  8. I'm going to step away from the controversy here and just say that I LOVE the little flying geese and tree quilt! If you ever market the pattern, I would definitely purchase it!!

  9. Yes, we need a Ruler Magic report. I talked to the seller in his booth but balked at the high price. Worth it if it saves slips and fingers!



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