Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Hello there, my name is has been a while! I have been helping my daughter with the new baby. This week Finnegan who is almost 2 has a stomach bug so mom mom to the rescue! Let's just say there was a lot of wash to do.
I got a new book called No Scrap Left Behind. I made this card from the book and love it! I could probably make hundreds with all the scraps I have!

Brynn is doing well, thank you for all the well wishes! Tomorrow she turns 3 weeks old. So far she is a champion nurser and growing fast.

I was involved in a Polaroid Swap and Cindy from Instagram sent me a bunch of blocks she no longer wanted. How cute is the camera at the bottom center? The llama is pretty fun too. I am anxious to work on this quilt.

Our annual Penn Oaks Getaway is in the books and we had a fun time as always. I made a bunch of 4 1/2" stars. It took up most of my time.
The word of the retreat was "Wenis". Without looking it up do you know what it means? We had quite a few jokes as I am sure you can imagine. (I will save you the time, it's the loose skin around your elbow.)
We also bought a whole bunch of lottery tickets as a group. We didn't win that night but neither did anyone else. We calculated that we would each get about $4.5 million. We rolled over our winnings ($14) for tonight's drawing......Jamie we know where you live!

I am hoping to get back to a more regular blogging schedule but.........

 for now I am on mom mom duty. I promise to be back soon.



  1. What a little sweetie pie Brynn is! I love the vintage sheet she is posing on and that heart sleeper. Babies are so wonderful. Love the Polaroid blocks - that llama!

  2. Family always comes first!! And even if it involves work we always enjoy our grandchildren.
    Gorgeous photos, by the way.
    Thanks for sharing what you are up to as well.

  3. Brynn is absolutely precious! Enjoy your time with her :) Love the scrap card; what a great idea!

  4. What sweet photos. Wenis - what a riot! I have that, lol.
    You have a lot on your plate, but being with the babies is the best way to spend time. It goes so fast!
    cute polaroids blocks !

  5. WHO KNEW? There is actually a word for excess elbow skin. Not that I have any.... Oh that baby, I'm drooling myself, here. She is so sweet. The heck with quilting, blogging-- whatever.

  6. That's the most precious activity Nana's get to do.

  7. Mom mom duty is very important! ❤

  8. Time goes so fast enjoy this little beauty !

  9. Kelly Felicidades!! yo me perdí este importante acontecimiento en tu familia.
    es un pitufin precioso a disfrutar mucho
    buen domingo


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