Saturday, February 25, 2017


I wanted to show you my quilt that I got in the Modern Quilt Guild Swap. It came from Stephanie in Omaha, Nebraska. It is gorgeous and her workmanship is very good. The line of fabric she used is called Blueberry Park, one of my favorites. I really liked how she machine quilted it too. Thank you Stephanie!

This was the quilt I made for my swap partner. The nice part of the swap was they had to be small, less than 24" x 24"

As the saying goes, "no good deed goes unpunished" though punished may be a bit harsh.........I caught the stomach bug that my grandson Finnegan had. Better me than his mom with a newborn! I have no energy or umph so I have been watching TV and laying around. A few weeks ago they had a Donna Reed marathon and it was wonderful! It is so interesting to see how things were back in the day. I do remember seeing some of the shows when I was little. It is a nice escape when the most important thing was what was Mary going to wear on her date with.........! Check it out I think you will enjoy it.



  1. I LOVE the two quilts! I really really love the fabrics you used in the quilt you made.
    Sorry you are under the weather and I wish you a quick recovery.
    I watched Donna Reed Show when I was in grade school. I loved Mary's song "Johnny Angel" which she made into a big hit about the time I was in the eighth grade maybe. I still love that song too.

  2. Kelly uno maravillosos bloques!!
    me encantan los dos

  3. I love the quilts ! So different and beautiful ! Swaps are great and fun no ?
    I'm sorry for you and wish you a quick recovery. ....

  4. What cute quilts. I really really like the one you made especially.
    Sorry to hear about your bug. Hopefully you are feeling better.
    I love old B&W TV shows. I loved the Andy Griffin show and Dick Van Dyke.

  5. It appears the swap was very successful. Both quilts are unique with two different styles. I loved the Donna Reed show. Paul Peterson was nice to look at.

  6. I got that darn bug, too. A whole week of yuck. Speedy recovery for you! Love the curves on your quilt.

  7. Lovely quilts, bot sent and received. Sorry that you are unwell and I hope you are feeling much better now.


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