Friday, August 26, 2016

End of Summer

Colin, Cam, Jenny and Jax

Summer is winding down and I am looking forward to Fall!  While I was gone a lot has happened. Jaxon and Cameron turned 1!!!! How did that happen so fast?

They are the sweetest babies, mom and dad are enjoying them very much. I give them so much credit for getting through the first year. Jenny is amazing especially when you  hear that she had them sleeping through the night at 3 months old, at the same time! It's fun to see that Jax looks like Jenny's side of the family and Cam is the spitting image of Colin. Don't you love those chubby legs?

We bought them these little cars and they love them! They are so cute zooming around the house.

Once again our family is growing! This will be grandchild number 8.

Maddy and Finn
Maddy and Finn will be getting a baby brother or sister this winter. Maddy is hoping for a girl, I think Finn has no idea what is going on!
This is part of the reason for my break. My daughter Cait was not feeling well the first trimester so I helped out whenever she needed me.

They have decided not to find out if it is a boy or a I found this wonderful flannel baby fabric at the Quilt Block in Exton and may have to make 2 quilts.

Elliot, Griffin Fallon
Cameron, Maddy, Finn and Jaxon
So what are you guessing, boy or girl?//? We have 5 boys and 2 girls. I am so excited it will be a surprise.

Ok now for some sewing......I made these adorable pincushions that I will be giving away! If you are a Penn Oaks member they could be yours.

They are from a book called Sew Illustrated. They are fun and fast.....

and addictive! I love the scissors the best, so far.

I will leave you with these little colorful business cards that I had made using my quilts. I have been doing some speaking and these are a nice way to give out information.
Now that summer is slowing down my fall is not. Another family wedding, house guests and my son's 40th, yes 40th!!!! birthday will keep us busy in September. I promise to get back to my regular blogging as I have missed it and you keep me motivated to get things finished!
Enjoy these beautiful summery days that are almost over. Can you hear the crickets slowing down?



  1. What a beautiful post. Such darling children, you are very blessed! I'm so glad your daughter is feeling better and will continue to. That's so hard to be so ill when expecting. My twins did that to me! And they were as chubby and sweet and good sleepers as Jaxon and Cameron. Yay for fat happy babies! And if you are taking a poll, I think the new one will be a girl!

  2. Love the picture with all the grandchildren. What a beautiful photo. It's amazing that you got them all to sit still. I'm so happy that you have the time to enjoy them all. And I want those pincushions!

  3. Kelly preciosos todos tus nietos esperemos que Maddy pueda tener una hermana,
    si es un niño sera también feliz con el,
    los acericos muy bonitos
    buen fin de semana

  4. Great post - love those adorable chubby legs and squeezable cheeks - then you topped it all off with the cutest pin cushions.

  5. Happy to have you back and with such wonderful news to share! My best wishes to Cait and Jim. What a marvelous picture of the magnificent seven! Those pin cushions will be a cute addition to the basket.

  6. I'm glad to read you again and this is a great post !
    You have a very sweet family... the twins are growing fast...too much uhhh ? And if you said that Jax looks like Jenny and Cameron like Colin..logical ! J and J...C and C ! :)
    Lovely pincushions ! Love them all !

  7. Yeaaaa! She's back! Kids, babies, cute projects and two quilts to look forward to. The business cards are gems!

  8. Those boys are so so adorable! what a pair of cuties. I'm so happy for Cait and for your whole family.
    What a blessing of grandchildren you have - lovely family.
    Your pincushions are fabulous and so are your cards!

  9. What delightful photos of your grandkiddos. Each one is a blessing and especially with a new one on the way. You've found some super cute pink and blue fabrics. Fabulous pincushions!

  10. Such a sweet and happy post with your family. Love the pincushions too!

  11. Love the picture of all the grandchildren together. That is fun.
    Great news on the 8th grandie, too.
    The pin cushions look wonderful and the cards are a fun idea.

  12. Congrats on the happy news of a new grandbaby on the way! I think you need another girl! Your grandkids are so cute, and how wonderful that you get to spend time with all of them.
    I love your business cards! That's a great idea.


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