Monday, December 14, 2015

A Really, Really Random Post

I know I have been missing from this blog for a while. It was not planned but just happened. Be warned this is a picture heavy post,

I actually had my house decorated early this year. We are having my husband's (almost) entire family over for Christmas Eve, all 60 of them! Nine others are out of state and won't be here. Think about that 69 people!

I am sure you have seen these all over blogs and Pinterest. They were the fastest and easiest thing I have ever made! I already had the jars, trees and Kosher salt on hand. All I had to do was go to a craft store to buy the little figurines.

Not that I am any authority, but this is my quick Martha-like decorating tip. If you have plants around your house put in some holiday floral picks and you have instant fun! I got these dots a few years back at Target. I love how they look with the lime green plant.

My mother in law is coming to stay with us and she is a Scrabble fan, so I always put these out for her on this gorgeous pie crust table that she gave me.

It was so fun to pull out this quilt I made last year. I hung it in the living room and it really looks amazing!

Yesterday was my birthday. My friend Cynthia sent me this beautiful pillow that she made! I have others that she has made over the years and I always look forward to putting them out. She also sent me those cute napkins that I will be using this week for book club. Thank you Cynthia!

Saturday night I went to see the Nutcracker with my daughter, Caitlin and my granddaughter, Madison. Maddy gave me this gift from her and her brother Finn. I makes me cry to look at it, how lucky am I! The little tag was added to let me know she made sure not to use Christmas wrapping paper for my birthday present!
Next weekend I get to go see It's a Wonderful Life with my grandsons Griffin and Elliot.

My friend Barb of Fun with Barb, sent me some gifts as well. This was a party favor she had at her recent Christmas dinner party. What a great idea!

It was filled with all kinds of goodies. Just imagine filling it with small things for those hard to buy people (teenage boys).

A cupcake paper makes it even cuter!

She also sent me some cool retro fabric that needs a special project to showcase these designs.

I love those Christmas fabrics that are so my colors. The notebook and needles are a very fun touch! Thank you Barb!

Remember the Kaffe Mini Quilt Swap I was in? My swap partner, Anneliese sent me Mary, Jesus and Joseph that she made all the way from Austria! How sweet to get an unexpected gift! Thank you Anneliese!

My husband outdid himself this birthday! This is a great selection of Blueberry Park to get me started on my next project after the holidays.

Do you still send thank you notes? I hope that it nevers go out of style though I am afraid email is doing just that. I splurged on these Kate Spade (I had a coupon) note cards and love the creamy color and weight of them. I save everyone I get. I have the very last one my grandmother sent me for my birthday with $5 tucked in "to get some milk and bread"!

At Thanksgiving I gave the grandchildren some cotton squares on freezer paper and some markers. I asked them to draw pictures of themselves and all the adults. They missed 2 people, once they are done I am sewing them together for a fun little quilt.

I also need some help. My grandson Griffin is into The Legends of Zelda. I want to make him a quilt for his bed and I found this fabric. Does anyone know if there are any patterns or something for me to follow to make a presentable quilt?! Jamie???? I am counting on you!

My life feels like this room looks right now......I was so ahead of the game and now I am not. I am not good with disruption or major changes, I know that about myself.

This past week we had not 1 funeral but 2. My sister in law lost her father, she called me the night we came home from the wake of our dear friend Mary. I still feel so sad for everyone who lost their family member, it's a hard time of the season to say good bye and brings up many memories.

I will leave you with a pretty picture of my Beyond the Cherry Tree runner that looks fantastic on the table with the Christmas trees and (out of site) candles.
I told you this was random.........



  1. It was nice to read your posts do get caught up. Sending you belated Happy Birthday wishes. It's always fun to see how everyone decorates. Your ideas make quick and easy holiday decorations. Enjoy your time with family.

  2. Happy Birthday, Kelly! I loved your random post. You house is beautiful. We put up our Christmas tree yesterday -- it's the first time we've gotten a real tree since we've had kids, and we had a great time picking it out. Enjoy your Christmas!

  3. It is a hard season when you have lost someone dear. It is good to keep moving with the things that bring joy.

  4. What a wonderful post! Chock full of so many goodies! I love the jars with the vintagey animals and trees. And that kitchen fabric makes my heart sing! Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Happy Birthday wishes to you! And what lovely gifts you received - especially from hubby and the grandies. Your decorations around your home are looking lovely.
    I hope you get some breathing time to catch up.

  6. You received lovely presents for your birthday ! Happy birthday to you Kelly !!
    Good luck for the 69 persons who will come to your house !! Wow....incredible !!
    I wish you lovely moments with your family !
    Hugs !
    PS : I'm sorry for this loss...I think there isn't a good season to lost someone but I agree with you for this period of sad...

  7. Well it all looks colourful, creative and a bit crazy (in a good way)!

  8. What a thorough catch up post. You're life sounds very full and busy these days. I missed your Birthday so extra happy belated birthday wishes to you. I was sorry to hear you had two recent funerals. A special friend of mine recently passed away and it's really knocked me off my feet. 60 people sounds like a lot, but as I imagine you all together I hear lots of laughing and merry times.


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