Monday, August 31, 2015

Colour My World

Do you remember that song by Chicago from the 1970's? I was in high school and worked at the Tastee Freeze. Whenever that song came on the radio all the girls working there sang it out with enthusiasm. I found a little tidbit about this song......
  • One of the band's most popular songs, "Colour My World" never charted because it wasn't released as a single. It was used as the B-side of the "Make Me Smile" in April, 1970, and as the B-side of "Beginnings" in June, 1971.
I did love the song Make Me Smile too. 

So back to the quilt......I am doing a workshop this fall and needed a sample as I gave away all the other ones I made using the free form stick figure trees. I had this Alison Glass fabric that I was using on another project and decided it might work for this one too. I love all these colors and mixed some other Anna Maria Horner fabrics in too.

Sometimes no planning works and sometimes it doesn't. My blocks did not come out the size I wanted (my mistake in cutting) so I need to give it just a little something. I made some free form triangles as setting strips and do like how it gives it a punch.

Isn't it weird that when you try to be accurate you never are and when you try not to be accurate you are? All of my "free form" triangle are pretty much the same.....

I did some simple straight line quilting that I feel goes with this type of pattern.

Good things can happen when you are not paying attention. The fabric pattern on the binding has a perfect scallop all the way around! If I tried, I couldn't do it again I am quite sure.

I really enjoy a good backing fabric. I have had this in my stash and thought the colors went perfect with the front.

I just finished making a bunch of bow ties for a swap with Barb and am getting ready to mail them out. That acid green with pink in the center is one of my favorites.

but I kind of like these too......

or maybe these are my favorite. I think you get the picture.

The Farm Girl Vintage quilt is coming along too. I highly recommend this if you are a beginner quilter. There are some great techniques to learn and all the blocks are very easy. There are only 12 more to make.

I am on mom mom duty this week (it is so nice to be in demand!). Wednesday is my 5 year blog anniversary! I will have a give away next week when I have some time to figure it out!



  1. Lots of joyful color in this post!
    I've wanted to make a tree quilt since my Dad died -- 12 tears ago. Your tree may be my tree.

  2. Love the rich, exuberant colors in your latest trees! The filler triangles are a perfect touch.:)

  3. color My World was my wedding dance! I love Chicago and I love that cone flower fabric. Your kids are so lucky to have you nearby and available. And of course you're lucky today! Will miss you at the board meeting.

  4. Lovely, lovely! Color my world was our high school theme song my senior year. Our high school colors are orange and purple! Imagine that way back then. Go, you farm girl. And it looks like I can respond via bloglovin on iPad today. Go figure!

  5. Love the bright colors! This really inspires me.

  6. Wonderful! I so admire your talent.

  7. Your tree quilt is stellar! The color and fabrics are beautiful. Can't believe you've finished your bowties?! Haven't started mine yet... Yikes!

  8. Congratulations for your quilt !! It is so bright and made with lot of talent !!
    Congratulations too for your bowties !
    And.....congratulations for tomorrow ! Happy birthday for your blog ! :))))
    Hugs !

  9. I love your trees and how you combined it with the triangles! All the colours and the backing of course...great. The farm girl vintage quilt is nice too. I like her patterns. I still have one to make (pattern ordered a year ago I think). The blocks look bright and cheerful.
    Congratulations already on your fifth blog anniversary!

  10. I am back at home and catching up on August posts, so I was delighted to see the safe and healthy arrival of your gorgeous grand babies. Congratulations to everyone in your family on this exciting event. Lots of cuddles and fun in your future!!

  11. Another wonderful quilt! I love the jewel colours and geese flying through the trees. It will be an inspiring class sample.well done getting your bow ties done, I'm still cutting mine out. Yiur farm girl blocks are fabulous too. Have fun being mom mom.

  12. Happy 5th blogging anniversary! I do so enjoy your posts. Hope the mom mom time is going well.

  13. I love your Farmgirl quilt. Happy anniversary! You are a busy lady-have a great weekend.

  14. what a great little quilt. I love the fabrics, the quilting and especially the backing and binding. Inspired!!!
    Your bow ties are fab-u-lous. Can't wait to get them in the house :)
    have fun being mom mom

  15. Lovely use of Alison Glass fabrics

  16. First, I loved Chicago and they played at DePaul for free a couple times while I was there. Once was a dance and once a small concert. They were alumni of DePaul's school of music. Lucky me. :) I love your trees. That sample just came out so perfect, great colors, great backing , and the binding.
    I sure couldnot pick a favorite bow tie block. A favorite stack maybe.


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