Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Vintage Blocks

I dug out some of my vintage blocks and played with them yesterday. While this is cool looking, I am not sure how it would sew up. It does have a lot of movement!

This was my original layout. I think this needs a little more work before I sew.
I took the original blocks that were pieced on newspaper foundation (that was removed) and pressed them with some Mary Ellen's Best Press. Then trimmed them down to a uniform size.

If you look closely you can see hexagons traced on the purple fabric. I love that she used every last scrap!

Here are the leftovers from the trimmings, I might hang on to these (-: you never know....

Bluebird of Happiness and Sunflower

I wanted to show you my quilts that got hung in my livingroom over the weekend.Technically this is not a formal living room but more of a read-a-book-have-a-conversation-without-distractions kind of room. I also still need some curtains.

The light is extremely bright in here so it looks very white. I will be getting/making new pillows for the couch.

Overall I am glad I put these quilts in this room. I used Commando strips to put them on the wall so I can take them down without leaving holes. Those ferns go out on the porch in the summer and are a bit overkill in this room, but I have to keep them alive until spring!
Do you hang your quilts up in your house? If not why?



  1. Gorgeous! I do hang my quilts up too, pretty sure I have at least one in every room!

  2. your quilts look so great hung around the house!
    fun vintage blocks. awesome fabrics

  3. They look wonderful!! And I do hang two around here.

  4. Your quilts added beautiful color and pattern to your room. They look wonderful and I like the idea of the command hooks.

  5. Love those vintage blocks! Very fun.:) I don't have room to hang larger quilts on my walls, but I do display them on quilt ladders etc. I do have a sun issue here too. Always makes me worry as I have had quilts fade just from being draped over the back of the couch long tern. Yours look fabulous hanging in your house!

  6. Your quilts look really good on the walls its a good idea too. I don't have a quilt I have made to hang, gave them all away.

  7. I like the star lay out! And also all the bright colored quilts in you fun tropical room!!

  8. I agree that your quilts look great on your walls.

  9. My fav is the basket quilt beautiful I've gotten lazy about hanging quilts. Thanks for the inspirations!

  10. wow, i'm in love with your blog =)
    kisses from ukraine :-***

  11. Love your quilts in the sitting room! Looks great! I don't hang up full size quilts. I have a few places that I can hang small wall hangings that I make. I already have art I've collected and inherited (including my grandmother's paintings). This is a good post. I am one day thinking of changing our house and I might have a wall for a quilt then. Still deciding what I want. Thanks for a thought provoking post!
    Hugs, Mickie

  12. You're quilts are all so wonderful and look perfect on your walls as though they were made for them. I'd never heard of using Commado tape, I'll look into that, it would be good for my mini quilts. We just went ahead and drilled holes in the wall and have hanging rods, it makes it easy to change my quilts around every few months.
    I love your vintage fabric diamond blocks, they look great either way.

  13. It is lovely to see your quilts on display in your home. They look lovely a make it welcoming.
    I have some on the walls here and really enjoy the personal touch they bring.

  14. I do not hang up my quilts..... there are no walls.... they all have bookcases or cabinets.....

    Fun to see your quilts hanging.


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