Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Remarkable Rectangles

I had the honor of making a quilt for a book by one of our guild members, Bob DeCarli. Bob is the only male member in our guild and a super nice guy. He puts up with all of us women quilters and adds a lot of fun to our meetings. Always the gentleman, he is there to help carry a sewing machine or 100lbs of fabric after a shopping spree at the annual getaway.
He is a former math professor and engineer who became interested in quilting when his wife asked him to help her make a quilt.

This was the quilt I made. It is named after his granddaughter, Charlotte. It is quilted by Charlotte's mom, Robin.
You may remember the other quilt I made for his first book Hill and Valley Log Cabins. Yes did I say he is an engineer???? He LOVES small pieces. You know the kind that are 1/4" x 1/4"!
Congratulations Bob on your newest book!

It's always exciting to see your name in print.

Today I sent out my 100 nine patches to Barb and can't wait to get my selection back in October. The wheels are turning as to what I will be doing with them. Have you made a quilt with nine patches that you love? I could be swayed!



  1. Charlotte's Garden is beautiful!

  2. I know how that feels, congratulations!!

  3. Oh to see your name in print must be an amazing feeling. Congratulations! I love the good old nine patch. I never grow tired of it. I love yours with all those pretty fabrics.

  4. Congratulations, Kelly! The quilt is beautiful and the piecing is perfect!

  5. Charlotte's Garden is beautiful! Beyond beautiful. I might have to try it. My MIL's name was Charlotte and I think my SIL would love it.

  6. Oh wow! Congratulations, Kelly! I'm very proud of you to being invited to be part of a quilting book. Yes, I agree that it's awesome to see one's name in print. I hope Bob's book sells really well, and that he'll do another that you'll be invited to participate in. Your nine patch blocks are really pretty. After making them, I'm not so sure I would have sent them off!

  7. Congratulations to Bob on having another book published. It's fun seeing your name in print for us too! Charlottes Garden is such a great quilt! If you hadn't pointed out it was made with rectangles I wouldn't have noticed, how very clever! I've been sewing my 9 patches, I'm doing the reproduction swap. Wont it be fun to see what everyone makes with them.

  8. Bob is definitely an engineer/designer. It was nice to see those quilts in the book. Amazing to see so many tiny pieces making up all the intricate patterns. I do love the quilt you made for the book. Congratulations to Bob for having published his second book.
    Love your nine patches.. Mine are done too. I am going to start my reproduction swap patches soon.

  9. Oh My I remember when you were making this intricate piece! congrats on being part of this book.
    Hooray for nine patches - can't wait to receive yours!

  10. Any 9-patch is a favorite of mine! How great that you have published quilts, Kelly!


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