Monday, June 23, 2014

Needle Keep Swap

A few months back I participated in a Skinny Pincushion Swap over at Amy's blog, Amy Made That.
Well now she is hosting a Needle Keeper Swap. I have not sent mine out yet but wanted to show you anyway. It's a secret so I can't tell you the name of my partner.

I like the little "book binding" on the edge, it makes it feel like a real little book.

I think this is sweet.....

I used some beautiful hand dyed wool that i bought at a quilt show for the inside.

My gardens are coming along. This was taken early evening last night. The rose bush was a transplant and I am still not sure if it is going to make it.

My sister in law, Ann gave me these sunflowers this year after I admired hers last year.

The zinnias are starting to bloom, one of my favorites!

Not a weed to be found, well at least today......

My poinsettias made it through the winter and I planted them. I am not so sure I like them in the summer....

The knockout roses grew a bunch too. I still have just a few things to plant and then I can enjoy them for the rest of the summer.
What is your favorite flower, is it kind of like picking your favorite child? Impossible?



  1. I love zinnias! Nothing says summer to me more than a bouquet of zinnias from the garden.
    Your gardens look so neat ~ I'm jealous! A trip to Massachusetts in May followed by a terrible sinus infection really delayed my spring yardwork and now I'm playing catchup. Hopefully mine will look as neat (and blooming!) as yours soon!
    Cute needle keep! Looks like the flower your sister-in-law shared.

  2. Your needle book is so lovely!! I like the way you used wool for the pages. I'm a huge fan of zinnias. I've got some mini ones in my garden that have lasted well into winter here. They are only starting to look tired. You are right that it's hard to pick favourite flowers, there are so many beautiful ones.

  3. Love your needle keeper! And I am totally green with envy at your garden...lovely!

  4. That needle case is adorable! It looks like a flower quilt you made recently! Your garden looks great too. I have never tried to save the poinsettias pass January. I love zinnias too. One of my favorite flowers from home!

  5. No - not hard at all. I just adore foxgloves and inspect the garden everyday in anticipation of their blooming :0) Your pin keep is so pretty - the recipient will be thrilled!! Your weed free garden looks marvelous as well.

  6. Your needle keeper is lovely.
    I am always amazed at how quickly your gardens grow in this season. They are looking lovely.

  7. Perfection! Do you make house calls?

  8. I just love that needle keep. my favorite flower its hard your right have to say tulips, sunflowers and daisies, they all just make me smile anytime I see them. your garden looks pretty. thanks for sharing.
    really love that flower on your needle keep…

  9. My favorites are the wild flowers. Trilliums of course! In the garden, my fav might be what's currently blooming! I love the scent of peonies. I love roses that have that edge of color on the petals that fades to another color. I love big, baudy iris. Never forget sunflowers for their obvious courage. I do not like cocks comb. They are funky weird!

  10. Your yard is stunning - a true home botanical garden. Do I sound jealous, I am!! looks so lovely.
    your needle book is so sweet. I can't wait to see what you get. What fun!

  11. Love your needle book , especially the striped binding and your thread play with the appliqué. Your yard looks lovely. I know you've put lots of work into it.

  12. Love the needle book.
    Your gardens are looking lovely, wish I didn't have any weeds! Hydrangeas are my all time favorite. We had them in Texas when I was a child and brought then back here with us. Coming in a close second is clematis!

  13. Such a cute needlecase. Your garden(s) look beautiful. I mostly like all flowers. I am partial to gardenias because my Mom loved them.

  14. Kelly, thank you thank you fit the adorable needle book!! I love it and all the other goodies too! I am a huge fan of Bonnie & Cammile so this is just perfect!! Thanks again! Let's keep in touch!!


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