Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I started this one evening and almost finished it in the same night. It is a pattern by Fig Tree Quilts. It is going to be a raffle mini quilt for the quilt show next year.

I used The Angler 2 to chain piece all those little squares. I think I am more accurate with a drawn line.

Even though the pieces are small, it was pretty easy to make. I will quilt it when I get back.

This past week went fast.....a trip to Buffalo to buy a truck (this was Syracuse)......

flowers from my garden for.....

a little kindergartener who graduated to 1st grade.....

two grandsons for an overnight....

a wonderful moment, Griffin reading a good night story to Elliot....

a new addition to our family, my niece had a baby boy on Friday......

So I am off tomorrow morning, not sure how the blogging will go while I am away, but I will give it a try on the Ipad.
If not you can be sure I will be back as soon as I get home!



  1. preciosos tus nietos !!!!
    y mini quilt muy oportuno , es tiempo de cerezas
    a qui las tenemos en todo su explendor

  2. I love your little cherry top, it's so you. The bouquet of flowers is so pretty, what a lovely gift to celebrate going into first grade. How cute are your grandsons!! Congratulations to your niece on the birth of her little baby boy! Have a great time away with your sister.

  3. Looks like you had some precious moments this week.

  4. oh I love that little quilt, the fabrics are so pretty too!
    love the picture of the boys, precious.
    enjoy your trip

  5. Love that little cherry quilt. You make everything seem easy and doable in a day. Sleepover and grandma is so special, Maddy is lucky to be having that pretty bouquet for her.
    We have never been in the city of Syracuse, but love it whenever we passed through it while driving to Toronto. Are we going to see the picture of that truck soon? Or did I miss it?

  6. busy week! I love anythings with cherries!!! And I walked that street in Syracuse many times while in grad school though it has changed a lot since I was there...

  7. Your cherry quilt is too cute! What a great mini auction quilt.
    Pretty flowers! I miss having a picking garden.
    Maddy looks adorable and so proud :)
    cute photos of the boys
    have fun

  8. Such cute cherries. Maddy looks so proud and happy. What a great picture. Love the boys in bed. (Don't tell them , but they look so sweet and adorable).
    Have fun. I just got home from 2+ weeks away and Iam trying to catch up.

  9. wonderful cherry-quilts! perfect work! best wishes, dunja

  10. I was just thinking about your quilt show today - I have to wait until NEXT year? It was such a nice show and the little quilts are such a great idea! I love a road trip! I'm thinking of doing one for the Row By Row shops. Your grandkids are getting so big, they're so adorable!


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