Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Winner!

 I pawed through my scraps looking for some little extras to put in the give away. They were a mess.    Even though I have been quilting for a long time I never took the time to put my scraps in color order.

I did have them sort of in order, 4 pink basket type things but all mixed up. Don't you love the candles and the piles of fabric! It was the only place big enough to spread them all out.

I instantly became inspired looking at all those like colors together. Now I know why people do this.....

I had a lot more orange and yellow than I thought........

 and not much purple, it is my least favorite color but it does have it's place.

So what color scraps did I have the most of???? no, not pink but blue of the sky blue variety. I was kind of surprised by that one. I also found these lovely little flowers that were tucked in to the mess of scraps. I added them to the give away. I think they will be in a good home.

I picked my granddaughter, Maddy  up from school and promised her she could help me pick the name. Here she is folding them all up.

Mixing them up......

She can't believe who won.......

Pat's Patch! Pat does not have a blog but she is a member of my Penn Oaks Guild. Congratulations Pat!!



  1. Congrats to Pat!

    Amazing what sorting your scraps reveals...and how inspiring it is when their colour grouped. I know exactly what you're talking about, Kelly! (funny, but I have the same most and least popular colours as you...LOL)

  2. Really love this header!
    Congrats to Pat.

  3. Aaaack!!! I'm so sorry I missed this. Congrats on your 500th blog post. I hope there will be many more!

  4. Kelly!
    That is some pile on the table. I bet you are totally inspired now. You have inspired me to take a look at my scraps. May be a scrap challenge is in order!
    Those blocks are beautiful and I love them on the header.
    Maddie is hired! She can come to my house and help me.

  5. Oh well sorry I didn't win - especially after seeing your yummy scraps!but Maddie did an excellent job!

  6. congrats to Pat and I am surprised at the most scrap color!!!!

  7. omg your scraps are too perfect - You'd have a heart failure if you saw mine.
    Hooray for Maddie and pat - congrts.

  8. Congrats to the lucky winner.
    Your scraps look amazing. Love the new header. When you posted about your Wed guild I recognized a name I know. Betty Dix. We are on the Pat Sloan forum. Fun seeing a name you know.

  9. Lucky winner!! It's great to see Maddy helping. I love all your wonderful colourful scraps. I like to keep my scraps in colours too. I once made a quilt with scrappy blocks of colour, it's one of my favourite quilts. The flowers you found are so fun, it's great to see them in your header.


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