Monday, February 4, 2013

Scrappy Trip Around the World

This is such a fun quilt to make, you can't stop once you start! First you say, "let me just try a block to see if I like this technique" 8 blocks are hooked! My colors looked weird because I took this last night.

I now I am totally changing my idea for my daughter's wedding quilt. These are the fabrics, she likes a more pastel look...and I think I will try the trip around the world. It will not be a scrappy free for all. I am going to have the green dot fabric in the bottom front run through the center of each block to give it a little less chaos. There are also some solids thrown in there too, should be interesting.

I am so happy to be able to check this off my list! Now I can work on my own things with a clear and free feeling.
I was procrastinating the other day ( finishing up Bob D's quilt) and made these little paper clips. Don't you think they might be a good item for our guild quilt show boutique? I will be talking more about that next month.
I just can't help myself...these are the scraps from the scrappy trip around the world...I see yet another little quilt from the scraps.


  1. I laughed when I read your last line. Isn't that often the truth!
    Your scrappy trip quilt is looking good. So much fun to see them popping up on the blogs!

  2. Kelly,
    I keep seeing these all over the blogland! I better watch out and stay away from you or else I will get distracted in no time.
    I love your colors and fabric choices. I think a pastel wedding quilt is a great idea.
    Hooray for finishing the Bob D. Quilt!

  3. Really fun fabrics for the Trip around the World! Love checking things off the quilt list!

  4. I love your scrappy trip and the fabrics for your daughters will be pretty. I've made 2 scrappy trip blocks and want to make more, too.

  5. You really are hooked!!
    Love the idea for the wedding quilt. Good luck!

  6. Your scrappy trip around the world is so bold and playful. I've also seen other bloggers working on this pattern. I'd already added it to my list. It looks like way too much fun. Your clips would be a great seller.

  7. Your blocks look fabulous! I so want to join the fun but I have deadlines to meet and by April it will be all over! ;-(

  8. Your scrappy trips look awesome. I really want to jump into one too.
    Yeah on the finish.

  9. Fabulous quilt. I love this design.

  10. glad you finsihed Bob's quilt! now onto the list of other quilts to make! I love the idea of soft colors for the TATW quilt. look forward to seeing that grow.
    your bright one is just fun ! I have been tempted but trying to stick to my list!
    those paper clips are adorable I would buy those.
    can't wait to see the little quilt from the scraps
    Have fun!

  11. I love your Trip Around The World quilt! This pattern is a great idea for the wedding quilt. It seems to look fantastic in any kind of fabrics...

  12. Trippy! I may have to dive in too.

  13. I love your scrappy trip quilt!! I so agree with how fun the blocks are to make, I've been thinking of another one but so far I'm resisting. Your pastels are So pretty and are going to look wonderful especially with the green dot as a feature!! The paper clips are such a very cute idea!

  14. Your Scrappy Trip blocks look so cheerful! They are like eating potato chips, aren't they? I've made 3 of these quilts, and I still want to make more.

    I think the wedding quilt in pastels will be beautiful. Yeah, having one consistent fabric will calm some of the scrappy-ness.

    Congrats on the Bob D. finish! A finish is always good.

    Love your clips. Yep, I'd buy some!

  15. I love your quilt. I love seeing what everyone is working on....the only trouble is I want to make one of everything. Hugs

  16. Your scrappy TATW is great - I am fighting the urge to do one of these, but it is getting harder and harder!
    cute paper clips!
    congrats on fishing your "have to" quilt project.
    looking forward to seeing more of the wedding quilt.

  17. It's so fun to see how you've caught the Scrappy Trip bug. Your blocks are looking great! I like those little paper clips too. Cute. Keep havin' sewing fun!

  18. I made the Scrappy Trip quilt a couple of years ago. I used what I called an "accent" fabric that was the constant in each block. It really did pull the blocks/colors together for me.

  19. What is the technique you are using for the Scrappy Trip Around the World?


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