Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I am still walking down Suzy Homemaker's yellow brick road. I bought this fabric for napkins last week after I saw a tutorial on  Jan's blog called Be*mused. She made some cool ones with all different kinds of "food" fabrics.

I think this tomato fabric is so fun, the dots were just perfect too.

I used some fabric from my stash for the back, which would also be a nice napkin all on it's own.

I did a pretty good job of edge stitching and I feel it will hold up well to many washings. The tutorial was super easy with good instructions, you could make a bunch in an evening.

I picked this up at the library today. I was attracted to the cover at first, very Peter Max. Has anyone read this? I also want to read the book Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn after Barb's recommendation.
I have joined a family (well mostly) book club through Facebook. It is going to be interesting. My husband, Bob and his brother John are the only males in the group. Both are very eclectic readers and I think it will be interesting to read their picks too. The first book we read was Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons, I can't remember the author. Now we are reading The Litigator by John Grisham, Bob's pick. Are you in a book club and have any good suggestions?



  1. I love your print selections, Kelly! Your napkins are so graphic. I'm always happy to see that readers had a good result when I've posted directions for a project.
    And thanks for the shoutout. :-)

  2. Love your kind of color! I'm going to check out the tutorial! Thanks!

  3. Great idea for napkins and thanks for the link.

  4. LOVE them! Nice combinations of prints and I bet that apple print we got from Sauders would work well to make these napkins. They would make great gifts.

  5. I love your napkins!! I thought I might have a go at those too, its such a great tutorial, and a great excuse to play with foodie fabrics. I read the Womens Room by Marilyn French but hadn't seen that book, I would have picked it for the cover too! I'm hoping to read the book Barb suggested as well and a few you've suggested on your blog recently. I think its great you have a family book club!

  6. your napkin turned out so cute! what a great idea.
    the book group sounds fun. Rich just started gone girl, it's fun to talk about and here his theories.

  7. I have to go check out the tutorial, the napkins are cute!
    I would love to join a book club, but not sure where to find one. I have seen some, but didn't really like the books they were going to read.

  8. The napkins are adorable. Very cute. You are just full of energy these days. Must be the Zumba!

  9. I took note of Jan's tute as well. But that's as far as it went....congrats on sewing some up....very cute!

  10. Thanks for the napkin link. Ya just never know when ya need to whip up a few. Do share book titles as you read them. I'm always game for a new story. I'm a fan of Peter Hedges books (What's Eating Gilbert Grape?) who graduated from Valley High School in West Des Moines, Iowa, where we used to live. He was in school with our daughter. I'm now reading (ahem... listening to an audiobook) Peter's book, "The Heights."

  11. I'm half way through Gone Girl as per Barb's recommendation. Best book I've read in a long time. I can see it prompting lively discussion in a mixed reading group.


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