Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Diary Block Tuesday

Today's diary block is based on a flower in my garden called gompherna or globe amaranth. It is such a prolific flower and comes in a bunch of different colors too. I like the needle like leaves, it is very different.

This is about 4 plants all mushed together for a nice impact. I love how the look next to my black eyed Susans. They look like polka dots and I do think some people call this plant by that name. They can also be cut and air dried.

It is amazing what a little drop in humidity will do to a person! I was at home waiting for a plumber to show up and decided to make some tomato sauce from the tomatoes in my garden. I also picked fresh basil and oregano........

I made home made croutons from some leftover stale bread......

 banana bread................

I picked  fresh flowers for the counter. Don't you love the blue bucket against the yellow flowers? I was Suzy Homemaker on steroids!! Don't worry it won't last....



  1. You really were Suzy Homemaker! I'm going to have to find some of those, I have a big space in the garden because my Phlox didn't come up this year. Hmm, maybe it's a biennial?
    Great block, you really captured the look of the flower.

  2. 'Home-maker of steroids' Haha I had never heard that!
    I LOVE that block!Those colors are perfect. They look so real! Yes, I know glob Amarnath very common flowers in India and I used them all the time in dried form in my arrangements.
    I am baking a bread today. I guess it is that kind of day. Need the house to smell like fresh bread.

  3. I love this post Kelly, such gorgeous flowers (both quilted and garden!) and wow, I wish I lived down the road from you, gorgeous homemaking! xo

  4. You go girl! I'm exhausted just reading about your day. Love the. Lock.

  5. How fun! It's nice to have a day like that every now and then!

  6. Love your quilt block. It sure captures those flowers!
    You ARE SUZY homemaker!!! What a LOT of Yummy and Beautiful things!

  7. Hey Suzy! You're making the rest of us look bad!

    Just kidding - you were on a roll! Love your block - the flowers really look like themselves and love the square "dots". I'll have to try some of the flowers. They sound like a winner.

    Your flowers are so pretty, and so is your tablerunner!

  8. I recognised your block as gomphrena flowers as soon as I saw them!! You have captured them so perfectly. Suzy Homemaker On Steroids is such a great saying, I'll try to channel some of that energy next weekend when I'm doing my chores. That bowl of tomatoes looks yummy because I know you get extra yummy tomatoes there. A vase of flowers really brightens up a room.

  9. I've never heard of this flower - it's wonderful. Do the goldfinch or hummingbirds visit it?
    How will you use the banana bread croutons for?
    You were the happy homemaker!

  10. I never heard of that flower, but you really captured it in your block. I will have to look out for the polka dot flower next year, cause I love dots.

  11. You certainly did a lovely homemaker day! I like your diary block - we once grew those flowers in the front garden at our old house but WM doesn't like annuals so we don't often plant them anymore!

  12. Great block! What pretty flowers in your garden and in your block. I bet those homegrown tomatoes made a very tasty sauce. I love fresh tomatoes.

  13. LOVE this block! I love that flower and now I know why - it DOES look like polka dots! Cute and fuzzy too. Your skinny stems are just beautiful too!


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