Monday, June 4, 2012

Lazy Girl

Sunflowers by Griffin Meanix
I wish I could be posting about all the wonderful things I have made over the past few days. I have nothing to show and fear I am in a slump. I just can't seem to get it together and get anything done.
Above is a picture my grandson, Griffin who is 7 painted in school this year. I just love it and promptly took it to Staples and had a color copy made so I can hang it in my house. Don't you love the lone sunflower in the center? There is something about it that just speaks to me.

This weekend I went to a bridal shower for my daughter's friend Kelly. All of her girl friends are at the age of bridal and baby showers now.

Maddy came too and was in charge of putting the discarded wrapping paper in a bag. She loves having a job to do! Julie is sitting beside her.

Caitlin, Kelly and Amanda
This is a picture of my daughter and her 2 friends she has known since kindergarten. I love how 25 years later they are still friends! Kelly will be one of Caitlin's wedding attendants and Amanda is her maid of honor.They are all such nice girls and I think they will be friends 25 years from now!!

Now that my garden is finally planted, weeded and mulched I think I will be getting some more sewing projects completed. I have missed my sewing room!



  1. How wonderful to have long lasting friendships.

    I hope you get out of your "funk" soon.

  2. Hi Kelly, My daughters are of a similar age and also have longtime friends, it's the greatest! and it's like you have extra daughters, too, isn't it? I love that. Try not to focus on what you haven't done, but rather on what you have done - your gardening, and also the beautiful family you've raised. Just look at those gorgeous sunflowers...wonderful!

  3. what a great painting! I have a cherry tree that my andrew did that I always loved.
    I'm jealous your garden is done. I still have bags of dirt and flats - and now it's raining again.
    Summer is hard to knuckle down to sewing I think - you'll be back on your game soon -
    the girls are such beauties, what a fun age!

  4. don't worry we all go thru this , sometimes you just need time to get all the other things done and get inspired again. hmmm maybe a block for your quilt of a sunflower????

    Love that idea of the color copy so you can enjoy it in your home too, thats wonderful for a 7 year old!

  5. Let's do something fun to get you motivated! I need you sewing because your projects always put a smile on my face!

  6. I love Griffin's painting!! I can see why it speaks to you, sunflowers make me think of you. So lovely seeing your daughter and her friends. I can just imagine the fun they're having planning the wedding. Did Maddie get to keep the wrapping paper to do something crafty with. Motivation is a funny thing, it'll come back.

  7. Sometimes we just don't get so much sewing done but the sunflower picture is just great! It could be made into a quilt so easily, too.


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