Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Heat Is On

I really, really, really dislike grocery shopping. Think about how many times you touch the food before it gets into your stomach. Pick it off the shelf,  put it in the cart, put it on the conveyor at check out, put it in the bag, put it back in the cart, take it out of the cart and put it in the car, carry it into your house, take it out of the bag, put it on the shelf, take it off the shelf to prepare it. With the heat you have to worry about all of the cold stuff melting too! So now you see that in order to do all of this I felt I needed a reward, plus I had a coupon at Joanne's that was about to expire. This is 4 fat quarters all connected, so it is a yard of fabric with 4 different prints. Good idea.

As you can see the East Coast had a very hot day. This was in the shade but on our deck. I think it showed a little hotter than it really was, but........

my husband Bob and his brother, Kevin who works for him continued to finish our roof. They worked from 7 to 5 in the broiling heat. We have a very steep roof.


Looks like fun huh? I spent the entire day worrying about them, making Gatorade and dispensing ice cream.


Notice the one foot on the ladder and the other on that very skinny strip of wood. They are tethered you just can't see it in the picture.

This is the way they get up there. Would you climb up those ladders? (Suzanne I know you are totally freaking out right now!) Again they are not freestanding but hooked on the each other and attached at the top of the roof, but still!
They have assured me they are working a half day today because it is supposed to be 100. Gatorade anyone?



  1. Oh my, does that ladder situation look scary! I hope they stay safe and get the work done before the heat melts them.

  2. It's amazing that they were up on the roof all day! Kelly, I would be worried too.
    By the way, it was a fun trip.. Love all my new pieces!

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  4. MY WM is busy with a building project too - but his is on ground level!

    Please send some heat this way! At 9am it was 5°C (41°F) - the maximum was 16°C (60°F). Tomorrow is supposed to be the same but windy - so the wind chill factor will make it seem even colder. Just as well I'm planning an inside lunch for Younger Grandson's first birthday do on Sunday!

  5. i just picked up the same FQ bundle (if it can be called a FQ bundle...) i immediately wanted to cut into it and make a pinwheel baby quilt. resisted, though :D

  6. Feel queasy just looking at that roof! You totally deserve that fabric reward. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it...

  7. Yikes! Could they have picked a HOTTER day to do this?! Good for you to keep tabs on them. Hope they get the job done soon, before it gets hotter. Ha, ha.

  8. Ugh!! I hate grocery shopping, I'm so lucky Phil does it most of the time because he knows how much I dislike it. However I love your SnowBoy thermometer!! I'm so glad you were dispensing Gaterade to the guys! I get nervous about roof things. What was wrong with your roof? I've heard about that new Denyse Schmidt 4 in 1 fabric but it hasn't been released in Australia yet.

  9. I actually like the shopping, but its the putting it all away and making room in the frig, etc. that I hate.
    Yikes, that is HOT work!! I would have been worried too. They must have been exhausted.
    Pennington was great yesterday - what a nice shop,

  10. ooh, that DS fabric looks like fun.

  11. I like the way you think!! AND the JoAnn store is in the same strip mall as the grocery. (Thinking here)
    That roof looks very scary. I could totally get up there and work, but would be in trouble once I had to get down.

  12. Oh, I might need to go to Joanne Etc. soon! Love the quilt and am amazed by your roofers. I have a couple of scary ladder stories that I'll spare you till they are finished!! Hope you are eating lots of ice cream to keep you calm!!! That's what I would do for sure.


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