Thursday, November 10, 2011

Judie, Judie, Judie

For the past couple days I have been visiting my friend Judie in Annapolis, Maryland. This is the view from her back porch, talk about inspiring! Every so often we would look out and the color of the water would be different. I enjoy paying attention to my surroundings.

Believe it or not there was an Annapolis Quilt Guild Meeting, so we went! They are a big guild 350 to 400 members! This is a picture of their raffle quilt. I also met up with a former member from my guild up here, Leeanna. She invited Judie to their bee that meets twice a month. Judie is excitied to make some quilting friends.

Sandy Klopp was their speaker and I loved her quilts. She also designs fabric for Moda. She seemed like a very nice person. I  recommend her as a speaker if you are looking for one.

My pictures did not come out so good. It kept focusing on the backs of everyone's heads!!!

I LOVE this quilt.

They also allowed other quilds to bring in their raffle quilt. How amazing is this?

Look at the quilting......

We did a little shopping too.

We drove around the beautiful city. If you have never been there you must go. It is very walkable and lots of cute shops. This is the governor's mansion.....Cheryl those shots of the wrought iron are for you!

Judie and her husband Jim also have a boat. I could get used to this......

There was a little sewing. Judie started this cute little Halloween postcard and I helped her finish it. I love how she cut out the cat, the little girl and the owl! Her sewing machine broke so we deicided to talk and have some wine.....the next thing you know it's 1 am! We solved most of the world's problems!!
Thanks Judie for such a good time. I miss you but am happy that you and Jim have found your dream place!



  1. Oooh what a great trip! I love the postcard and the quilts from the guild are wonderful (especially the one with the folk women border). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Isn't Annapolis just beautiful. I spent many, many weekends there as our friends (daughter's godparents) had their boat docked there.
    The quilts at the guild meeting are gorgeous. Beautiful work!

  3. Being a native Marylander, I have so enjoyed your photos. But living in the desert southwest now, it has a beauty all its own. (To be honest, I'd move to PA in a heartbeat!)

    Beautiful quilts, and what a fantastic Guild!

  4. K - I am so happy you had a great time. Now don't get any thoughts about moving. I'd have to tie myself to the moving van.

  5. Kelly, what a wonderful holiday you've had with a lovely friend, I love Sandy Klops fabrics amd her quilts are so clever. And those guild quilts are amazing! i bet you're feeling inspired!

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time - the perfect mixture of activities for a quilter!

  7. Kelly you just gave me a wonderful quilt fix. Thank you. I am suffering from quilt withdrawal here in India but no lack of inspiration.

  8. Thanks for the mini quilt show! Sandy Klop is a sweetie - she used to work at the quilt shop I frequented in CA a few years ago. I'm glad she's done so well.

    Isn't it fun to visit with friends? It's good for the soul!

  9. No wonder Judie was so happy to be moving! I bet one can sit on the back porch all day! Glad you got to go and have some relaxing time with her.


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