Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I say Spring? because as I type this they are calling for snow tomorrow.....a little north of us they may get accumulating snow....I don't really like spring just for that reason.

I went back to the Lancaster Quilt Show with my friend Judie on Friday. I must say I did not buy much at all this year! It seems lots of people were not in the buying mood.
I had to get this Hello Kitty fabric to make a pillowcase for Maddy. She loves Hello Kitty and peace signs? at 3......I am also going to make pillowcases for the other 3 grandchildren Fallon, Griffin and Elliot for Easter. That gives me about a month.

I have been waiting for this fabric line to come out. I love her colors and the little designs on them.

I did find some vintage feedsacks that were very cool. Other than that I got a book that I can't find at the moment and can't remember the name!

I did make 2 blocks for Beth at Love Laugh Quilt . Beth won the Swanky Jelly Roll giveaway and she is asking for blocks that will be made in to quilts to send to Japan. If you have wanted to do something for this tragedy check out Beth's blog and send her a block or 2.



  1. Hi Kelly, I just ordered a Sherbet Pips charm pack and am so excited to get sure I'm going to want more in April when yardage becomes it! Pillowcases for Easter gifts...what a great idea! I may have to think about that one!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm making a Hello Kitty pillowcase for my granddaughter too! And Spiderman for my grandson. I LOVE making special pillowcases for them. But every time I make one, I wonder: why don't I have a special pillowcase??

  3. Kelly,
    The feedsacks are looking great in these pictures. I better watch out. I might get going on those..
    Love the Hello Kitty and Sherbet Pips fabrics.. Fun!
    Thanks for posting the blocks for Beth. I would have missed them,.. Haven't been good with reading my blogs. I have got to make those too!

  4. Love those vintage feedsacks! Fun. fun.

  5. Sherbet Pips are so lovely!! They'll be fun to play with in Spring. The vintage feed sacks really caught my eye, look forward to seeing them pop up in the right project.

  6. You were pretty restrained, unless you're hiding stash, lol.
    We have sherbet pips in a few shops here already, I bought just a few fat quarters a few weeks agao, I love the colours. I think pillowcases make a terrific Easter gift.

  7. Pillowcases are the best gifts. I love making them and made a whole stack at Christmas. I also decided I should probably become a follower. *wink* I used to just have all my fav blogs bookmarked to check whenever, but now I am attempting to use my Reader ocassionally. Cheers!

  8. I have the Sherbet Pips fabric too! and have been sewing up with it already. It is just irresistbile! What are you going to be making with it?


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