Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quick Post of the Lancaster Quilt Show

Sujata and her quilt Zig Zag

Cindy Seitz-Krug  Best of Show

This quilt was one of my favorites! The nine patches were only 3 x 3!!!

Terry in serious talk mode with the long arm dealer....will she take the plunge? We all are betting on it!

Sujata taking a test drive and looking like she does this all day long! How long before she decides to get one too?

I met Kathy of Inspired By Antique Quilts  and Barb of Fun With Barb. They were both so very nice!

Heading back on Friday with Judie, more pictures of quilts and loot to follow. Giveaway tomorrow.



  1. You've been hanging out with some great bloggers. Thanks for a taste of the quilt show, there are some wonderful quilts.

  2. oh my I just loved that nine patch too
    I stood there squeeling at all the things she embroidered in the alternate blocks! LOVED seeing Sujata's quilt in person
    how did I ever miss that Midnight Garden quilt???
    where was it????

    I want to go back I came home so inspired and just so ready to stay up all night and sew!
    It was wonderful to meet you I am so inspired by all your cherry tree blocks and Many, Many, Many other projects!

  3. Kelly,

    That was so much fun! I am so inspired. That test drive was way too much fun! Meeting other fine bloggers and being in the company of some very fine quilters was definitely the highlight of my day!
    I am with you on the nine patch.. it was really adorable.
    Can't wait to get back to the sewing room!

  4. That nine-patch was off the chain!
    I loved it sooo much.
    great show post - it was wonderful to meet you yesterday -
    your new blog fan -

  5. Sorry I missed the show. Thanks for a quick look. Can't wait to some more quilts.

  6. What a lovely quilt show. Sujuta is so pretty in front of her beautiful quilt.

    How fun to meet up with fellow quilting bloggers. It looks like a great day!

  7. I am headed over on Friday too. May be well pump in with each other.
    Debbi F

  8. Wow! Thanks for taking us to the show. Lots of inspiration there. Sujata and her quilt look really great. I think you shot the same photos that I would have.

  9. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. The photo of Sujata and her quilt is adorable.

  10. Thanks for sharing the pics Kelly. I love a virtual quilt show tour. I am in quilt show withdrawl. I sent in my forms for one yesterday but it isn't until the first of May.

  11. Thanks for sharing your pics from the show! Such a nice variety of styles.

    Sujata is so cute in the pic with her quilt. :)

  12. Oh Kelly, thanks for posting those pictures. It was fun to see all the great quilts as well and Sujata It warms my heart to see her there with her quilt. And quilting away on that long arm. WOW. I must send your blog link to my friend, Judy, who won the blue ribbon for her wallhanging Judy in the Sky with Stitches. She is an amazing artist. Rats! Now I am so wishing that I had been able to come to the show. Thanks again, Kelly. You are the best!


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