Monday, December 13, 2010

I Am A Sagittarius

Today is my birthday and I feel every single year! I did get a birthday card from Anthropologie and I think they have the best marketing people ever, next to Target of course. The little cloth envelope says "What's in the stars for you, Sagittarius?" and has a 15% off coupon for the month of December. Hopefully the next year will be a little better than the last one!

This is one of the Christmas gifts (a pin cushion) I have been working on. I am pretty sure the recepient does not read my blog so I think I am am safe. I will post the rest of the things I made after I give them to my friends. I ended up using my little garnishes on it because it looked a little too "naked". I really enjoyed using  selvages my friends have been giving me along with my own.

Over at Love Laugh Quilt, Beth is inviting people to make a house block and enter a drawing to win some blocks. I have not done this yet and thought I would give it a try and I got to use that "lady with a present" fabric. Go check out her blog and maybe make one of your own!

Enjoy this snowy day!



  1. Happy Birthday, Kelly! I hope you have the best day ever!
    Love your pincushion and the embellishment on top! I decided to skip the houses considering all the UFOs I still have in my stash! The houses are really fun on Beth's blog! Hope you enter and win them too!

  2. love your little house! adorable!

  3. Happy Birthday Kelly. I just know the next year will be better. The pin cushion is really cute.
    Debbi F

  4. Happy Birthday! Of course I love the pincushion. The ruler fabric selvage in it is just the best. And your house block is great ... so now 1. I hope I win some blocks from Beth and 2. I hope your block is in the grouping I win!

  5. Happy Birthday Kelly, another year older, time does fly.
    HERE'S TO A BETTER YEAR, Have a great week. love joanne

  6. Happy Birthday! What a great idea, this pin cushion!

  7. Happy Birthday K! Sorry I missed it, but I can't keep anything straight right now. I do LOVE the lady with a present and how you fussy cut her.


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