Friday, November 9, 2018


 Today is a perfect day for sewing, gloomy and now raining.
I love 4 patches! The centers are very easy to swirl too. They are so versatile and so easy to make. If they are scrappy they will also give you an interesting design.

There is something soothing about matching the pairs and chain piecing them under the foot of the sewing machine. Almost automatic. Before you know it they're done!

If you haven't learned how to chain piece go find a You Tube video now! It will save you time and thread. Once you are set up it goes very fast.

So as you may have guessed this is going to be a baby quilt. There is only 1 juvenile print in there to keep it from being too "cutesy". The solids squares are a pretty yellow dot print on white.

I have been painting but not as much as I would like to be. My friend and I commented the other day that there are just not enough hours in the day! All my interests take a lot of time!

So Rose or Peony? I'm not sure either!

Don't hate me.....but yes I have got a jump on my Christmas shopping. It makes December so much more enjoyable. It's also my birthday month and it's no fun 12 days before Christmas stressing out about gifts or any other details.
Do you decorate before Thanksgiving? I've seen a lot of that on Instagram. I am more likely to do it the weekend after as you will not find me in a store on Black Friday!



  1. Lovely baby quilt--so bright and cheery--I like your painted flowers a lot...they could be peonies or any rate just beautiful work...hugs, Julierose

  2. I love four patches and I LOVE pink and yellow together! they are such a versatile block.
    Your watercolor is so pretty and I'd say peony.
    yay for early shopping. me too and also plan to do less this year and enjoy the real stuff like family, friends and food.
    it started raining here finally.

  3. oh, peony for sure! The paintings are so pretty Kelly! You've taken to that interest well. There are not enough hours in the day to make stuff that's for sure. The quilt is sophisticated and a mom will love it. I love pink and yellow together and it's so French! Oooolala

  4. Love the water colors. Are you sticking to painting on paper? Any thoughts of going to fabric?


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