Friday, June 1, 2018

Random Post

It has been almost 2 months since I blogged. The easiness of Instagram has made me lazy! If you are on Instagram you can follow me @pinkadotquilts. You will see more of my everyday things along with sewing, book recommendations and painting.
Sewing has been on the back burner with family things, gardening and my new found love painting going on. I dug this Farmer's Wife UFO out yesterday to get the border on and call it a day. For goodness sakes 80% of the work is done!

I am changing the border from what was in the book. Truthfully I don't even remember what is was and I can't find the book! I am doing 2 rows of 1" checkerboard borders. At least that is the plan! So I started cutting out fabric and realized I don't have some of the fabrics that are in the quilt. I think in the end it will make it a better quilt because it won't be so matchy-matchy.

My temperature quilt is finally moving into some lighter colors! Thank goodness I didn't allow some gray for rain as we have had a lot of gray days and rain days.

I have also been bitten by the Sew A Village bug. This is a fun easy use up your scraps kind of quilt. This will be more of a long term project. I feel like I say that a lot......(-:

I am getting to the end of this quilt with only about 15 blocks or so to make. I am tired of making them but will power through as this will be bed size.

My small ironing board cover was DISGUSTING! It was so bad when I took it off it did not even bend from all the starch etc. Thisl one is so happy and cheerful and well worth the change!

A friend, Denise from my guild made me this adorable mug rug. I told her there is no way I am spilling coffee on it and will hang it up in my sewing room. Isn't it cute?

My grandsons, Jax and Cam made this adorable butterfly for me for Mother's Day. My DIL, Jenny is encouraging their artsy side and I just love this one! They are also heavy into Play-Doh which is fun to do when I am with them.

I have been really enjoying working with watercolors. It is hard! that water goes everywhere but it is also part of the fun. You never know what you will get! These are pretty small, 3" x 4" but quick and fun. I try to do one a day because unlike quilting you can do one fast.

This is one I did this morning and it really took like 4 minutes. The less I think about it the better they turn out. Trust me there are some duds but I didn't bother to show them here.

It's also garden time. I love planting my pots that lead to the front door. They always do well and are easy to maintain.

My forget me nots were so pretty this year and even the very end of blooming with little spots of blue make me appreciate them.

My clematis around the mailbox were stunning this year. I have got to figure out why so they will be next year too.

The roses have not been eaten by anything yet and I have picked many of them to put in my kitchen to enjoy.

If you want a pretty flower that will not disappoint and I have had wonderful succes with year after year, try Melampodium. It is an annual that I find delightful. It is a must have in my garden.

We have had so much rain that everything is lush but the pollen has been horrible! I look forward to the flowers filling in this spot that I still need to mulch.

Everyone is always asking me about this hosta that gets giangantic, like 2+' high. It thrives in low light and the lime green makes those darker areas look stunning.

Those red caterpillar looking flowers are new to me this year. I don't remember what they are called but look forward to finding out!

This red salvia is so pretty and very delicate looking. I hope these do well and fill out the space.

 My columbine was spectacular this year too. This is an unusual color that really packs a punch.

I have been reading a lot. I am doing the Goodreads challenge this year, 50 books. I think I am at 31 so I should be able to reach it.
My number one pick so far is The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. A great read about a family that moves to Alaska in the late '60s and early 70's.
I also lenjoyed One In A Million Boy by Monica Wood. I picked this one up not really sure that I would like it but gave it a shot. It is such a sweet story that it just made me smile at the end.

Ok off to work on that checkerboard border!



  1. Stunning flowers and plants...I LOVE your temperature pretty hugs, Julierose

  2. Just as good as a walk around Longwood Gardens. I love to see what you plant and your flowers blooming. Can’t wait to see the temperature quilt develop.

  3. The caterpillar like flowers are on a "chenille" plant. I love them. Last year I bought a big hanging basket of it. In the fall I put it in my garage and kept it watered. I was delighted that it survived. It looked a bit scraggly but I put it back out a few weeks ago and it has rebounded beautifully. I'll show you a picture on Tuesday.
    I have never had much luck with clematis. I put one in probably five plus years ago and it never did much. This year it looks gorgeous! As do my forget me nots.
    I have lots of shade so I love host as and begonias.

  4. What a feast for my eyes! Looking forward to seeing the FW border and quilting.

  5. love seeing what you're up to! I'm a big fan of your paintings - you have really developed into a great water colorist.
    Great scrappy projects going on with happy colors.
    Pretty flowers and plants. We have similar color schemes - hot pink, blue, that!
    Blogger doesn't allow for non-blogger or google ID comments anymore. So dumb....

  6. I like everything you showed, and all the colors! Love your garden, like your quilts full of colors. The pollen here in CO is awful too. It was apparently a warm winter, and now a hot spring. Not lush here but the flowers are pretty, yours are so lush. I've been painting a little too and your paintings are terrific.

  7. It was great today to se all that you've been working on. Lots of color in Many different mediums. Your water colors have really taken off and are sweet and lovely.

  8. Thanks for posting again! Your painting inspired me to pull out some acrylics where I had been taking a class last year with Donna Downey online. It doesn't expire so I picked up where I left off and had fun doing it! Beautiful quilt you showed and always I'm inspired. I admit, it's not quite as easy to blog as some other ways out there now but I still enjoying looking at a few!

  9. Instagram does seem very easy, but I do so enjoy your random blog posts! Your temperature quilt is looking amazing. Love how you play with colors and fabrics!

  10. As always I love all of your quilting, painting and gardening photos and your blogging. So inspirational. I've been away from the internet for awhile. Those pink "caterpillar things" (that's a great name for them by the way) ... I love them and have had them in my baskets in the past but I will tell you they are not very pretty as they "age." Dead heading helps ... they "multiply" :)

  11. Random post? I think it should be called - Everything but the kitchen sink post!!! You have gorgeous fabrics in your stash. Quilt tops, flowers, mug rug and water color paintings - yes this post has it all. And all is lovely :-)

  12. Hello, I went by to say hello, since I've been disconnected from everything for a long time. As always I love your work. That I still think that they are not chapucillas, but great works. A kiss.


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