Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Snowy Wednesday

There has not been a lot of sewing going on. The storm that hit us last week left us without power for 4 days! Luckily we do have a generator so we had heat, water and could run the refrigerators. I still was conservative with the power as it does not do the entire house. Definitely no sewing, heat is more important!
It was a good time to start this puzzle and kept me entertained for hours! It is a hard one!

Barb got me hooked on another one and now I am obsessed!

This little generator is worth it's weight in gold! I even know how to work it because of course my husband went to work!

We dug out the percolator because the drip coffee maker would trip the breaker. It wasn't bad but we weren't sure how long to let it perc.

If you ever need a good light these are amazing, so good I could read a book in bed! They are made by Etekcity. The handles fold up so you can  hang it if needed and you can pull up the canister for a little or a lot of light. Safer than a candle and better than a flashlight.

This morning as I came downstairs I found this impatient blooming in a plant. Can spring be far away?

Yes it can! This is what is in store for today and I fear we will lose our power again. It's a heavy wet snow and I think the winds are supposed to pick up too.

This is the progress with my temperature quilt that is coming along nicely. It's hard to photograph the whole thing.
I am enjoying this block a day quilt. As a gardener I have always been in tune with the weather and this quilt is really making me pay attention!

Our Modern Quilt Guild was cancelled last night as well. This potholder is for a swap that I guess we will do next month. The block was paper pieced using a pattern from EQ8.

How gorgeous are these colors?  They are for a challenge. I don't have all the colors but I may just start working on it during the snow storm. Lots of color on a very white day!



  1. It sounds like you were well prepared for the snowy days!:)

  2. Keep playing with those bright colors. It will make you feel like spring might come one day.

  3. wow !!! it really beautiful so much.i like your good idea Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. I like your three leaf clover, and I love doing puzzles!

  5. That puzzle looks really fun! your temp quilt is looking neat and I can't believe that sweet little flower bloomed in March -
    cute pot holder.
    we had power loss in CT but we don't have a generator :( but we do have a french press and the kids set up the camp stove outside to make coffee

  6. That is quite a challenge to go four days without power. So glad you had the generator. Good to have a few distractions like the puzzle.


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