Friday, November 3, 2017


I love how the afternoon light plays across the quilt

I am diligently working on my UFO's. Think about it this way, you are 80-90% almost done why not pass the finish line? If you wait too long you may not even like it any more and that would be a shame.......
This quilt is called Sprout as it looks like the new shoots that come up in the spring, which is when I started this project.

I saw a quilt that was paper pieced using these shapes but it looked too uniform to me so I freehand cut these and sewed them together.

I used to think my machine quilting wasn't too bad but I am out of practice and it is not too good. If you look above the veins in the leaves are anything but the same. While not horrible, it's not great either. Obviously I can't make the same shape on both sides!

The ones in the medium toned fabrics look good but if you look at this one in the white, EVERYTHING shows up and this was a particularly off one. I should have warmed up before I started quilting on this that day.

Overall I like the effect and it's done! The swirly things in the triangle part are just OK but I couldn't think of what else to put in there.

I like the end of day sun that is shining on the quilt.

These are absolutely addictive to make and I am enjoying them so much Every time I have to pick 3 fabrics that look good together. It's harder than you think.....they finish at 5"!

I loved how the white pumpkins turned out!

I love the top skull with the bleeding eye!
I am still practicing my watercolors with mixed success. I am pretty happy with the way the squashes/tomatoes/veggies turned out. I am also figuring out I like more of an "impressionistic" look as opposed to a life like picture. I have a ways to go but it is fun!

I bought this bouquet from my friend Jean who is moving. I added the border fabric and finished it into a mini quilt. This will be in our guild quilt show as a raffle quilt, stay tuned!

I am deep into my UFO's and hopefully will have more to show you soon!


  1. I love everything about "Sprout"! The "uneven side to side" (in your opinion) quilting makes the piece unique. We are always our own worst critics. I always say "don't suck the joy out of it" when we pick at our work. It's joyful, colorful, exuberant--it makes me smile just to look at it. What an exciting finish!

  2. I think your machine quilting is fabulous. I'd probably just have stippled in the triangles so I really like what you did.
    And the leaves really look like leaves.
    NICE job. And your painting is looking very impressive!
    Cross off another UFO. that has to feel good!

  3. Love the Sprouts! Your quilting is in keeping with the spirit of the quilt-- freeform and organic. Also love the pumpkin watercolors. You pick great subjects. I'm so tempted! Good inspiration.

  4. Your sprouts look great and the quilt looks lovely hanging in the sunshine.
    The basket blocks are delightful.
    Looks like you are really enjoying your painting. Lovely work.

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  6. Your sprout quilt is gorgeous! I honestly love unevenness of the quilting in the leaves; it really adds a personal touch. And your watercolor work is stunning -- looks professional! Ever consider selling on Etsy? :)

  7. Sproud is a beautiful quilt with an great quilting ! Congratulations Kelly ! I'm not a modern quilter but I really love it !
    Your paintings are cute and you're very talented !

  8. Oh sorry I wanted to write "Sprout" !! :)

  9. I really love your sprouts quilt! Really!

  10. OMG your quilt is SO GOOD!~ I only WISH i could machine quilt that well. It looks amazing.
    Your baskets are coming along wonderfully. I like your bright and happy baskets.
    I think you had mentioned your interest in paint when I stay with you last spring and you are really mastering it!!

  11. The sprouts quilt is beautiful and so is your quilting!!! Looking forward to seeing your UFO's finished.

  12. This post is full of good stuff! I’ll single out your Sprouts quilt which is completely charming—colors, hand cutting the pieces, and especially the quilting. Great finish! Love!

  13. The Sprouts quilt is lovely. Your quilting looks wonderful to me. All of your work looks very good. The UFOs... yes I also have many that need to be finished, lol.

  14. We are always our own worst critics, but someone needs to tell you that your machine quilting is wonderful! If the designs were exactly the same from every side, it wouldn't be nearly as interesting. I absolutely love the patchwork and the quilting on this. And I'm having fun following your painting progress as well. Thanks for sharing!

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  16. I lovvvvveeeee Sprout! Your quilting is wonderful and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.


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