Wednesday, November 15, 2017

November - Thanksgiving - Color!

Wow Thanksgiving is in 1 week! I love it and it's my favorite holiday. I really look forward to the next few years to see the babies grow and become "little people" and all the joy they bring.

I never decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. I love the earthy colors that represent bounty and autumn. FYI that green sprawling green plant is my sweet potato vine that roots in water! Who knew!?!

I have been painting and sometimes it is painful!  The green pepper turned out better as it dried. My husband thought the red onion was a beet! This is hard stuff!

I love the colors of my apples and am happy with them and the lemons and limes. It really is so different than quilting and much faster!

 I am happy to say a few people have been inspired to pick up their brushes again!

I hung this up in my hallway and it makes me happy every time I pass by it.
I think it even fits right in with a fall theme.

My African Violet was all but given up for dead! As with all plants it is all about finding the spot it loves in order for it to grow. I moved it and it is in it's happy place. Those purple blooms are amazing!

Last July I picked this up at Target. It is a 5 year diary that only has a few lines to fill in each day. It's very doable and I am enjoying keeping up with it. I am looking forward to looking back on it in a few years to see what I was doing.

The Lancaster Modern Quilt Guild is having a mug rug swap and this will be mine. People who know me will laugh with all the pets on it. I am not an animal person, but I know it will bring a smile to the person who gets it.

This is our challenge fabric for February 2018. I have picked out an awesome pattern and am starting on it now. You will have to wait for February to see it, but I think you will like it!

This is how my sewing room looks right now. Usually I do a massive clean up but I think it will have to wait until winter this year.

I really thought I would not be doing any holiday type sewing this year but I love this block! It is paper pieced and a lot of fun! It's called You've Got Mail and you can find it on Craftsy.

For those of you who blog you know how much time it takes. When you add the frustrating part of downloading your pictures etc it makes you less likely to blog. I really am going to try and do it more often. If for no other reason than I will learn how to figure out the downloading process!



  1. Kelly bonita entrada las calabazas maravillosas
    tu quilt lleno de color me alegra

  2. It seems Thanksgiving to be pleased with lots of Americans ! I'm glad you will have all your family with you !
    Love a lot your quilt and your watercolors are beautiful !
    Happy Thanksgiving Kelly !

  3. It was great to see all that you've been working on. Your watercolor paintings are delightful The piles of fabrics in your creative space just shows you've been busy working on lots of fantastic projects. Cute holiday block, You've Got Mail. I'm going to check that out. Thanks.

  4. what a fun post! your painting is amazing Kelly - you are really doing it.
    Your little mug rug is so charming!!!
    congrats on resurrecting the african violet! isn't that rewarding!

  5. I love all your pictures! Your mug rug is great. I’m like you, nothing Christmas comes out until after Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Hugs,

  6. COLOR indeed Kelly. LOVE it! So wonderful dabbling with your painting. Sure makes me want to get mine out again!

  7. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you are working on so I'm glad you will be writing more often.
    Your "You've Got Mail" block is darling!

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    Thank for your very good article...!


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