Friday, October 20, 2017

Another Post This Week!

My Painted Forest quilt is complete! I so enjoyed making this quilt and am so happy with my color choices. Most of the fabrics are Alison Glass, mixed lines. The designer of this pattern is Blue Nickels Studio. My only advice is to over size (about 1/2") the blocks so you can trim them down to the perfect size.

I have had this backing fabric in my stash forever and decide it was time to use it. The best part was there was no piecing!

I did very small not quite straight line quilting from edge to edge (horizontal) and love how it turned out. I will be honest I held my breath that it would not be wonky on the edges. I used invisible thread and my free motion foot. I really don't like the invisible thread  that much but I did not want the thread lines to take away from the colors. I love the sketchy binding and feel it adds to the quilt.

Fall colors are not quite here yet but I do love the sun shining through the leaves and the beautiful colors they do make. I feel like it is so fleeting so every day I have to go outside before they are gone. My camera does not capture it, go outside tomorrow and see for yourself!

Continuing with my leaf/fall theme..... Here is a maple leaf I painted the other night. I am so happy the way it turned out and it is giving me confidence to keep going. Even the ones that don't turn out are fun and exciting. Experimenting with colors is always fun. There is always a lesson to be learned. Maroon is probably one of my least favorite colors but I never could have painted this without moving towards that color. I also just read that the older we get the more we dislike orange....I wonder why?

So I have this book called Everyday Watercolors by Jenna Rainey and I am doing all the lessons. They are quick and don't take long, anywhere from 15 minutes to and hour. It's addictive!

So far it is fun but I do have to work at it. I think I will keep going but for right now it is back to the sewing room!
Can you believe it? Two posts in one week!



  1. Love the forest quilt AND backing, LOVE your painted leaf (GORGEOUS!!) and your lesson paintings are things of beauty themselves. You are doing fabulous!

  2. Be still my heart . . . it is gorgeous!

  3. Awesome colors and fabric choices for your quilt. The wobbly "straight line" quilting was a great choice too. Fantastic leaves!

  4. all of it looks painted. I checked out her book... gotta buy it as not in library. You make me want to paint again!!! I am including a different video on my next week I Like post because of your prompt so thank you!

  5. I think the last picture in this post would make gorgeous fabric!
    I have been itching to try my hand at painting too. Not enough time...
    I love your leaf; looks very realistic.

  6. I love your quilt! Also love your painting—isn’t it wonderful to learn something new?!

  7. Your painted forest looks wonderful. Love the fabrics you have used, especially the backing.

  8. Inspirational post! Are you taking a Craftsy online painting class? Who is the instructor?

  9. I love everything about this quilt.
    Wow more fabulous painting.

  10. Good subject to paint-- leaves, especially now. Your red leaf is so pretty, it's frame-able!

  11. This quilt is so gorgeous. I love the colors and the design and the quilting and the backing! This is one to cherish. And the painting is fun too!


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