Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hippie Summer

I am working on my blocks for granddaughter, Brynn's quilt. So far this one is my favorite.

This one is a close second!

I love that little angel baby. It's an old Hoffman (I think) from the 1990's.

Do you have a Kona Color Card? While they are nice to get a good idea about colors, it is nearly impossible to see how they look next to other colors. So I have started cutting them up......

to make them more accessible. I love the orderliness of this!

I am using this hole punch that I got a long time ago from Martha Stewart. It is super sharp and has 3 different sizes to choose from. I don't think a regular one would work but you could test it out if you want to try this. You are punching through fabric and thick cardstock.
I have a bunch more to go and it is not a quick undertaking......

As for the title "Hippie Summer" I am devouring books about communes in the 60's and 70's and have found some super interesting ones. So far my takeaway is that while the adults may have been having a good time, (even that is debateable) the children were not. In some instances it borders on abusive and tragic. If you have any favorite book picks in this genre, please let me know!



  1. LOVE the fussy cut blocks for granddaughter quilt. It looks enjoyable to make. A perfect quilt to make in the summer time.

  2. Love all these beautiful blocks. I can't say which one is my favourite. They are perfect. I am sure that this quilt will be perfect!

  3. Those little blocks and so cute!!
    What a great idea for the kona color cards.

  4. Looks like you have a lovely collection of blocks developing there.
    Smart move with the Kona colours. It makes them far more usable.

  5. I love the characters in your blocks ! No doubt it will be a lovely quilt.... I don't have Kona cards but each time I buy a fabric from it, I cut a little piece and write the number close to it in a notebook !

  6. My fav is the bunny playing peek-a-boo! So darn cute, she will just love it. Please tell us the book titles. I'm a-wash in beach reads and could use some levity. Not sure if this title fits the genre but The Glass Castle about Jeanette Walls childhood was revealing.

  7. you're so clever and I just love your fabric choices. The prints are lovely mixed together. I have some of those center fabrics.

  8. Such cute blocks for Brynn's quilt! This post makes me want to see ALL the blocks!
    I'd also like to know the good books of this genre that you think were the best. I just started When Breath Becomes Air--it's good.

  9. Those blocks are adorable and you've chosen such cute fabrics to go along with the pictures. You've come up with a great idea for the Kona color chart. You should market your idea to Kona.

  10. what cute blocks for a cute baby girl! love the little eye spy moments.
    Love your color card project. I bet that was satisfying to make. I don't have the Kona card, but I do have the Bella solid card. I love having the real fabrics for ordering purposes.

  11. What a fun pattern! I am sure your you will putting your Kelly stamp on it with all your wonderful fabric choices.



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