Thursday, May 25, 2017

Old Time Stitching

I made my newest granddaughter, Brynn a quilt before she was born. It was nice but I didn't love it. So I have started another one for her. I love fussy cutting the cute little characters out of my fabrics. I also have to hunt and search, so I am getting to re-visit the stash as well!

Here is what the blocks are going to look like, A Square in a Square. I am paper piecing them and will add some sashing in between the blocks.

How cute is this one?!

I am also working on some handwork to do in the evenings. I keep saying that but little to nothing gets done after 7:00pm!

I have some old cutter quilts (they are beyond repair!) that I am making into small quilts (saving them!).

I enjoy this kind of work because you never know how it is going to turn out. That green leaf has the edges basted under to speed up the applique process. I never do that but I kind of like it and may give it a try.

I have a big bag of vintage leaves that I bought a while back. It would take me a lifetime to use them up. It is so fun to dump them out to see what will work. Some are raw edge and some are turned under. A goldmine!

What can I say, this is my favorite pincushion. What are you working on?



  1. I am finishing my Yowza knitted shawl as I just took the last stitch in my Dresdan Plates blocks...
    I really like your square in a square blocks--sooo cute--she will love them...Happy Memorial Day weekend...hugs, Julierose

  2. Be still my heart . . . this quilt is making my poor old heart flutter. I love the little bunny peeking around the corner and your fabric and all the details with embroidery . . . this quilt is going to be treasured.

  3. I am making a similar economy quilt for my granddaughters. I didn't paperpiece and regret it--the blocks will never go together right...but they are done. Now just to figure out a set. Your fussy cuts are so neat--love the bunny and the other blocks is so sweet.

  4. Gorgeous fabrics that you are fussy cutting for the quilt.That will be lovely. And i like the idea of cutting up the older quilt to make smaller ones. Looks like fun with the embellishing.

  5. That is going to be one special quilt for Brynn. It's just perfect. I'm working on an idea for a quilt using a new pomegranate fabric. Does that count?

  6. what a cute quilt for Brynn. Can't believe how big she is getting - 4 months - where did that go?
    your embroidery and applique looks sweet on your cutter quilts! great idea.
    You really have the vintage look perfected.

  7. That quilt is going to be wonderful. I love that bunny peeking out from behind the stripe.

  8. New quilt is sooo cute! Love the cutter quilt upcycle and that pile of vintage leaves--be still my heart!

  9. A fun way to use those leaves on those vintage quilt pieces.

  10. Love the peek a boo bunny, bet Brynn does too. Working on nothing now but sure thinking about it. I miss sewing!

  11. Love it! Can't believe you bravely stitched on such an early piece ;)
    I'm dying to add a little yellow beak and a black french knot on the eye dot



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