Monday, January 23, 2017

Rainy Day

I finally have a tiny bit of sewing to show you. In February my guild, the Penn Oaks Quilt Guild has our annual getaway. I like to have plenty of projects on hand because you never know what you are going to want to work on. These stars are 4 1/2" and so adorable! I think I am making 45.

I am making the colors in this quilt a little more bold than I usually do, and no pink!

I like to get all the cutting out of the way before we go because I make mistakes in a crowded room and there isn't that much room to spread out and cut.

Saturday I am taking a paper piecing class with our Modern Quilt Guild. Flying Geese and Hearts, sounds like fun to me!

I have been procrastinating with this block because the pumpkin block is SO orange. I am thinking of making it green, anyone have an opinion about this? The vines have not been put on so it looks a little strange with those leaves just floating around out there.

I have also made friends with Suzy Homemaker. I have been slowly cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and drawers. Just a few a day to keep it fun 😏

While cleaning out said cabinets I came across some vanilla beans. I decided to make my own vanilla extract. If you want to try this....... I put 1 cup of vodka and 2 vanilla beans sliced lengthwise to expose the beans in a jar. Screw the lid on and shake it every time you think about it for about 3 to 6 months. I used Absolute vodka but apparently the cheaper vodka is better. Nothing but the best for my chocolate chip cookies!



  1. I think that once you place the vines the orange will look terrific.

  2. I agree with Linda, so would not change a thing!
    Inspiring to see how you tackle organizing, Kelly. Makes so much sense to do a bit at a time and I love the feeling that comes with getting it done. I'm trying to not let it get ahead of me since moving (I purged a lot of stuff then, so don't want to turn around and clutter things up ;o).
    Looks like you'll have some fun sewing ahead with your Guild! Happy Monday!

  3. I love the background fabric you are using on the small stars. The white background with small amounts of color makes the stars really stand out. Leave the orange.....I agree with the others....the vine is going to make it looked finished.

  4. It's hard to tell via the computer screen, but I think the orange is fine. If you're still not sure, maybe a bit of tea-dyeing will tone down the brightness a bit?

  5. I really like your little stars blocks, and how smart of you to cut them out before retreat. I too find too many people distracting when it comes time to focus on proper cutting measurements. Oh yes, I've made my own vanilla too! Actually bought some small dark brown bottles, created a custom "From the Kitchen of... " label, and gifted them at Christmastime. It's something everyone can use. Definitely, the cheap vodka is best.

  6. The stars look great. I agree with you about cutting beforehand. It is so easy to be distract when there is lots going on.

  7. If you think the orange is to much, maybe put a leaf over part of the pumpkin, I love the orange. And once the vine is added things will look different

  8. I like the orange-- looks great with the black birds. The vines will connect all nicely. I've never made my own vanilla extract but the same technique works for vanilla sugar. A little shake tastes good on lots of things from cookies to fruit salad.

  9. I love the stars, the orange pumpkin, and I agree the vines will tone it down. I did not know you used vodka to make vanilla extract. Who knew
    I'm off to buy cheap vodka. Thanks for sharing

  10. Have fun at your getaway. The little stars are sweet. It will be nice to have so much prep work done ahead of time. I've always wanted to try making my own vanilla. Keep us posted.

  11. I too like the orange. I too have made vanilla with the good stuff. The hardest part is waiting for it to "cure".
    I am taking the paper piecing class on Saturday too! See you there.

  12. So interesting that you make your own vanilla! Sounds yummy.:) I'd be the same way, cutting fabric in a noisy, crowded gathering. Too much distraction!

  13. will you make cookies when I come in April? lol yum!
    I need to continue my cleaning but I've been in the sewing room making up for December.
    Looks like you have fun project to work on while on retreat.
    Simple Stars are the best blocks.

  14. If the orange is to bright for you, try flipping it over & using the "wrong side" to tone it down. This is one of my favorite tips


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