Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy 2017!

I don't know about you but it is taking  me forever to get back to normal! We went to a kicking New Year's Eve party and did not get home until 1:00. We. never. stay. out. that. late! It took it's toll the next day and naps were involved...........I didn't get my things put away, so today is the day.

My whole house feels trashed and rather dull without the red and sparkles.

It looks worse than it actually is........ I already have half of it packed up. How long do you leave your things up? Some people leave it for a couple more weeks, I just want to clean every single room!

Needless to say I haven't sewn at all except for yesterday when my bee met. All I have left on this is a small leaf in the bottom corner and a couple of berries. I changed the upper leaves and am so I happy I did.
I am cleaning out my husband's office and it is going to take a good long while. Blogging may be sporadic unless you wish to watch me sort through papers from 1990! Maybe I will do a before and after shot for a future post. We are also on baby watch so there is a lot going on.
Happy New Year to you all!



  1. Your raven block is lovely. I especially like the colors you have chosen for your leaves.

  2. I love your quilt block. I have never tried anything like that. Do you use paper piecing to make your appliques? As for putting a way Christmas, we still have half of our outdoor lights to take down. Yesterday we bundled up and waded through snow drifts to take some of them down. It was so cold that we are saving the other half for a warmer day or a braver day, LOL.
    Have a lovely week and keep smiling!
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  3. Hi - I took down my tree a few days ago and got it all stored back in the attic till next Christmas season. I didn't decorate heavily this year and probably in future years will keep it simple. We moved this year and our house doesn't have as much space for lots of stuff like the previous house. Our new years eve was at home and after watching some TV we gave up and went to bed early. I think the days of partying are behind us. :)

  4. It does take awhile to get back to normal and a big, big clean-up! Love that applique!

  5. I like to pack up before the New Year. And I seem to want to clean the whole house, too. Why is that? I do not like the way it looks so bare after all the decorations go away either.

  6. Cleaning after great moments is not easy but we must do it ! bouuh ! Good luck !
    I love your appliqué block...
    Happy new year to you and yours !

  7. New Years Day is my un-decorate deadline. I break out in hives if I go longer. Baby Watch! Fun times to come with a new grand baby.

  8. Your decorations are so cute! The raven applique is perfect.

  9. My decorations come down this weekend. We were away so much I want to enjoy them a little longer. We had a nice New Years Eve party as well We actually stayed up until 1:00. New Years Day was another really nice party, but now I'm partied out. I can't wait to meet grandbaby #8. Cait looks so beautiful as usual. Love your appliqué...the color choices are fantastic. You have such a keen eye for that. Happy New Year my dear friend!!!

  10. A new baby, a clean house, and a great applique block. You're off to a fantastic start for the year.

  11. We take the decorations down after the 6th of January. That day is an official holiday in Greece. Day of the Light, Baptism of Christ. (Orthodox Church). The Catholic church celebrates the 3 wise men on the 6th of January!! So in my childhood years in Holland we also took the decorations down after the 6th. It became a habit and the house feels so empty afterwards that I like to keep them up. Today, however, it is the 7th !!! I have to start gathering and cleaning. Not in the mood for this today, so I can enjoy the lot one or two days more!

  12. so funny about NYE - yay for you for letting loose.
    I still have Christmas crap all over my house - It takes me forever to get it all down.
    good luck cleaning the office -

  13. Happy 2017! Feels good when the holiday clean-up is complete, but I also miss the sparkle when it's packed away. ;o)
    Good luck with tackling the office... I'm in a similar boat here with my hubby's office. Better to just roll up my sleeves and get it done! lol

  14. It's the 7th and I still haven't started taking down my decorations, so you're way ahead of me! You'll get no judgement from me!

  15. Happy post with pretty things!!

  16. Kelly en España terminamos las fiestas el día 6 de enero
    como este año era viernes no terminamos hasta el dia 8
    tu bloque es precioso


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