Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Corner Triangle Tutorial

You know I can't pass up a good pincushion. I made this one with some scraps I had leftover cutting out scraps for my stars in the last post. The ribbon was in one of those boxes that Moda has come out with called Frivols. This will be gifted to a friend next month.

Front of quilt

I had a few people leave a comment about my triangle corners so I thought I would do a tutorial. Unfortunately I could not answer you directly because you were a no-reply commenter.
Just for reference this quilt is not symmetrical.....First you quilt your quilt in the normal way, it does not matter if it is hand or machine quilted.
I did not invent this and I believe Ami Simms did but I am not sure.

back of quilt

Square it up after you are finished quilting it. Many times the quilting will slightly distort it.

For my quilt I cut out (2) 3" squares. I don't know that there are any hard and fast rules for what size to use but this technique is only for small wallhangings. I think the largest I  have ever used are 4" squares.

Next press each square on the diagonal.

Place your triangle on the back upper corners of your quilt with the cut edges even with the raw edge of your quilt.

Next stitch the edge of the triangle about 1/8". You are only holding it down until you apply your binding, it's easier than pins. Be sure to backstitch at each edge.

It will look like this. Next you apply your binding as usual.

binding is not on!
Next get a dowel cut about an inch smaller than the length of your quilt. All you do is stick it right inside those triangles. (Please note I don't have the binding on yet!)

This is what it will look like. Now you are able to hang it like a picture! I really like this technique for mini quilts and small wallhangings.  If the quilt is too large you will get a gap in the middle. Be warned though, some quilt shows still want a sleeve.
I hope this helped those of you who asked. Please feel free to ask me any questions!



  1. Love the quilt and the pincushion. I usually forget the corners til too late. If it's a little quilt, I resort to Velcro stick on dots!

  2. such a clever way to hang little ones - I really have to apply myself to remembering this!
    super cute pincushion. how many do you have, lol??

  3. Great tutorial! Easiest way to hang small quilts and I like the tip to square again after quilting!

  4. I do this, but instead of a dowel, I use a flat piece of wood about 1/4" thick, with the length cut just as the dowel is above. It keeps the top of the wall hanging nice and straight. Note: My husband is a wood worker, so he prepares the wood for me.

  5. This is such an effective way to display small quilts!


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