Thursday, December 22, 2016

Twas Almost The Night Before Christmas

I know it's getting down to the wire but I can happily say I am not one of those running around with last minute shopping. I was almost going to sew today but I do have things to get done and I don't want to be leaving them to the last minute. I am a girl with a list and I love checking off those items that need to be done.
I was toying with making a Christmas pincushion but did not make the time. Maybe it will still happen we will see. How cute is this fabric? It feels very vintage with those snowmen and the little pink and red deer. These would have to be included! Lynne L these are calling your name!

If you are looking for a gift (not now you are out of time!) for next year or for a special birthday you might want to consider this idea. It is not my own but it's a good one. I scanned a recipe card of my grandma Aggie's Sorghum Cookies and had it made into a dish towel. There is a site called Spoonflower and you can get all the details on how to do it over there. Even computer challenged me could figure it out, though it took me a little bit of time to do.....! I love how it is in her handwriting and little bits of batter or butter on the card show up. It feels so authentic. It only ended up costing about $8.00 and it's on linen, not bad at all.

Every year I buy my husband a toy for Christmas because he really is like a little kid. Lately it has been remote controlled cars. In real life he is a building contractor so I think he can handle this one. I think he is going to like it!

Thank you for all the comments on my candy trees. FYI I made the cake to freeze and as I was frosting it, it started falling apart. I glued it back together with frosting so I am not that hopeful. Regardless there will be a picture!



  1. I just love the idea of putting a handwritten recipe from our parents or grandparents onto fabric. It's also an incentive to hand write recipes for our kids. Thanks! Have a great holiday.

  2. How great to have recipe handed down through the family.
    I often give my hubby and adult sons toys. They still love them too. No rule to say that can't happen!

  3. Is the sorghum in this recipe the liquid kind, like honey? Or is it like the grain? This is not an ingredient I am familiar with using, though I have certainly heard of it.

    1. I don't know! I am guessing it's a liquid but will try and find out.
      I was not able to reply to you directly because your email was not included.

  4. You're killin' me smalls!!! Those fabrics are so vintage it feels like you brought them back from a time portal, like in the book 11-22-63! They are perfection! I can't wait to see what you do with them!!! I love that you buy your hubby a toy! Merry Christmas to the Meanix clan!

  5. I love the recipe card towel Idea. I've saved all the recipe cards I have with my mothers handwriting.
    Cute fabrics - very vintagy
    oh no - hope the cake survives. I'm trying Kringle cookies for the 3rd time and it doesn't look good. I've been researching this morning and reading lots of comments of problems with the dough, so it's not just me.
    merry merry to you Kelly


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