Monday, December 12, 2016

Making My List and Checking it Twice....

Our annual Christmas card was very real this year complete with a crying baby! Jax wanted mommy and didn't want his picture taken. We will never be that family with the picture perfect group!

I finished this last night and threw it in the washer this morning. It all nice and crinkly just the way I like it. It looks perfect in my hallway. I love the added blue, to me it makes it more interesting.

I planted these succulents for my neighbors in September. They have grown and are looking good! This along with some homemade goodies will complete the gift.

I made another Lola pouch (my favorite pattern) and will fill it with some sewing things for a new sewer.

I love this little fringe doodad to make it even cuter.

Santa's workshop needs a good cleaning. Look at all that Christmas fabric that needs to be put away. I only have one more small thing to make and have been enjoying the preparations this year. My friend Judie told me a few years ago she gives herself an early deadline to get things done. I used to do that when my kids were small but fell out of the habit. What a difference it makes!

The Farmer in Lyndell Tree Farm
I bought this print in 2003 at the tree farm we took our children to every year to find our Christmas tree. One of the owners was retired and loved to paint. It definitely captures the magic that is Christmas.


  1. Kelly tu tarjeta es una delicia
    preciosos niños
    todos tus preparativos son muy interesantes y agradables

  2. It is a gorgeous photo regardless of the crying.
    Your finished quilt looks lovely. It will add even more cheer to your home.
    Looks like you are doing well with the gift making and organising.
    I can see why you enjoy your tree farm print. Very festive.

  3. The blue is a perfect touch for your quilt! I think we get an overdose of red and green during the holidays. It's lovely to see something with an extra spark.:) Sweet photo of the grands too. It's very real and I bet it makes you smile!

  4. The little tree quilt is so sweet! I love that crinkle fresh from the laundry too. A quilt isn't finished until it has the crinkle! LOL
    Your workshop is in better shape than mine these days, and good for you for getting your gifts done, I only have one more to go. Whew. Tis the season for frantic finishes!

  5. I love the Xmas's hanging up where I can see it everyday. I am amazed at how much you get done. You truly are an Christmas elf������
    The succulents are adorable and a really cool gift. You are a clever girl. Now would it surprise you that that farm is the very same one we took the boys to to get our trees. We could have been there at the very same time!!! Our paths cross once again

  6. Love your new tree quilt. Yay - that dark blue adds a lot of contrast and looks great!
    Your succulents look great and the little pouch is adorable.
    Yay for non perfect family photos!!

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