Wednesday, December 28, 2016

In Between Days

Here is how the cake turned out.........something I would have done differently.....I would have added yolks to the cake, it was falling apart as I frosted it. I "spackled" it with frosting and froze it to hold it all together. It held up ok but they did start to fall down as the night wore on. Overall I thought it was fun and the kids liked it.

This was a favorite and colorful gift. I want to read them all over the winter. Maybe someone will pick a classic for book club? Hint hint.

Some more color to admire and make my day happy.

I used some of them to make this. I had an idea but not so sure I will follow through with it.

It seems like this time of the year I ping pong back and forth between projects and or ideas. I went through some vintage fabrics I have last night because I want to make another basket quilt. I also need to start thinking about projects for our getaway that is coming up in February.

I made a mess. The nice thing about having a room of your own is that when it's bedtime you can leave it all on the floor and walk out of the room!

I found this in there and totally forgot I had it. I love how simple yet vintage the design is and the yellow is beautiful. The picture does not do it justice. I think they were cafe curtains.

This was my book club pick for January. I am so disappointed because I didn't think it was that good and I really liked the cover! Has anyone else read it?
So the in between days of Christmas and New Year's are always kind of unsettling for me. I am anxious to take down the decorations but have no energy to do it. I want to sew, sew, sew but not sure what to work on. My kitchen floor sure could use a washing but no I am not doing We have some more parties coming up over the weekend so before you know it the new year will be here. I just want everything to go back to normal about you?



  1. Your book set looks amazing! I think that we have all of those books, too -- I can't resist classic children's books at library sales. :) These in between days... I like the anticipation of Christmas so much I tend to wish that it wouldn't come, so that we could keep anticipating it. :) The kids wouldn't agree about that, though! Since I have kids still at home, it is very much a vacation for me. I sit around and hand quilt, and clean slowly, and do the christmas things we didn't have time beforehand.

  2. I love the trees on the cake. Very cute. I too wish the anticipation would go on longer. I love that feeling. We have 4 parties coming up this weekend. So lots of fun to look forward too
    I do most of my sewing January thru March. It makes the winter months fly by. I love to light a fire and do my hand sewing in front of it or bury myself in my sewing room. So many UFO's to finish this winter.
    I had that book on my To Read list. It has received a lot of favorable reviews. I will be removing it from the list. Thanks for your review

  3. A very fun post. Love those fabrics and the books. I read Commonwealth at the end of November. It was a powerful book for me since my parents divorced when I was ten, and the kids' situation resonated with me. In the end, I feel that Franny and I turned out just fine even though we both made some poor decisions when we were younger.

  4. I liked Commonwealth. I think it is one of Patchett's best. My daughter saw her speak in October and bought me an autographed. Opt for Christmas!

  5. I think the cake looks great. I am sure it was enjoyed by all.
    It is lovely to be getting back into the sewing room without all the deadlines that loom before Christmas.
    Yes, shutting the door is a wonderful action so no-one can see all the mess.

  6. I love the trees on the cake, such great color. Cake is the only desert I didn't eat over Christmas... Your last paragraph sums it up. The way I feel exactly. I would only add, all the things I ignored over the last month are racing to hang over my head now. I'm not an Ann Patchett fan. Some folks loved Bel Canto but not me. I do love the cover tho!

  7. I am anxious to take down the decorations but have no energy to do it. I want to sew, sew, sew but not sure what to work on. EXACTLY! This is what this week is like for me too! Luckily I have a house full of kids to distract me most of the time. Maybe next week I'll feel more decisive and motivated. Happy New Year to you Kelly!

  8. That yellow curtain fabric is just delightful. I'm looking forward to seeing what it will become. I started Commonwealth twice but it just never engaged me. There were no characters that I liked by page 50 so I closed it and moved on.

  9. It's been too hot here (Down Under) to do much at all. It's taken me three days to set up an appliqué block and the decorations are still hanging around. Do like your Dresden block and that yellow fabric is just gorgeous.

  10. I'm with you - want everything put away but now ready to dig in and do it ha ha
    I have like most of Ann Ps books, but now all. I was on the fence about this one - and maybe I'll skip it.
    I read the NIX - did you? it is long but fascinating.
    stay warm and have a great New Years!

  11. Love your dresden. My bee is doing a dresden swap this year so I'm noticing them everywhere. I listened to Commonwealth while I sewed. I thought the writing was good but I wanted less reality. It probably reflects what happens to families in a divorce but I needed a lot of the Hallmark channel after listening to this book.


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