Saturday, December 17, 2016


Well the day has finally arrived, last Tuesday I turned 60! It feels so much bigger than any of the other milestone birthdays.

This is a painting my husband got me for my birthday. As soon as I saw it I immediately thought it was my two older sons when they were small. It was a happy coincidence that the painter painted two young boys who happened to look just like them! It is by a local artist named April D'Angelo.

I was so surprised to find these in the mailbox!

Barb from Fun With Barb sent me a wonderful Nancy Drew book and this cool pincushion that she made! I don't know if I have read this book but you can be sure I will. The pincushion is so cute and the truck is a Ford, the same as my husband's trucks.

The doors even open!

This is a Christmas gift from my friend Stephanie. It features Denyse Schmidt fabrics called Katie Jump Rope, one of my all time favorites! It looks so vintage, she knows me well.

My friend Cheryl of Cheryl Lynch Quilts gave this miniature to me for my birthday! Cynthia this is made from an Altoid box!!! (My friend Cynthia always has Altoids in her purse.) Look how detailed this is! I just adore it and will put it in a special place in my sewing room. Don't you love those bolts of fabric?

Chery is getting ready to leave soon for Key West until March! She made this amazing Kismet Trinket Box. The bird fabric is from France.

Inside she filled it with all sorts of goodies too! The red dish is a magnetic pin holder. I am going to have to find something special to do with those zips! The candied walnuts are missing......

 I have fallen in love with all these glitter houses and think they feel so festive!

These are new ones that I bought this year. I love the vintage feel.

I also have a few vintage ones and think these may be my new thing to collect, not that I want a million of them!

For some reason this one is a favorite. The yellow is unexpected and I love the bricks on it too. It's so quaint.

I hope you enjoyed my show and tell. I wonder what the next 10 years will bring!


  1. The next ten years will only be better because you will make them so. Love this post, a wonderful show and tell. Bob has the magic touch when it comes to gifting.A perfect painting.

  2. Welcome to the club!!! It's been fun so far (I'm almost ready for Medicare) and I'm sure you will find your stride. Fun gifts! Happy, happy 😊.

  3. Kely felicidades !!
    muy bonitos todos los regalos
    el cuadro es precioso me recuerda uno de nuestros pintores Joaquín Sorolla
    buen domingo

  4. Happy Birthday! It's a very special club for many of us!

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday! I'm glad that you got some wonderful goodies -- that Altoid miniature is amazing! May you be blessed with a new year full of love, laughter and peace.

  6. Congratulations and Happy Birthday. Your gifts are delightful!!

  7. Happy birthday to you Kelly ! You received many sweet presents from many sweet friends !
    Enjoy !

  8. A happy day for sure! Love your ponder at the end: what will the next ten years bring?!?!

  9. I hope I get to spend the next 10 with you, seeing where life leads us!

  10. The next 10 will be a wonderful trip, watching your grandchildren grow, enjoying your life with your husband and family. Here's to good health and prosperity and lots of creative time!

  11. Happy Happy 60!
    What nice gifts that altoid box is so so fun! Love your glittery village houses they are so vintagy and charming and so you.
    thanks for sharing all your fun treasures with us!

  12. Adorable gifts Kelly. Welcome to this side of 60, thanks for joining me. It was a big transition and I still can't believe we're this age, can you? I feel thirty. I know you'll thrive in your sixties! LeeAnna

  13. Happy 6oth, Kelly! You are as young as you feel and I've got a feeling you're only 1/2 the age of 60! You have wonderful friends to send you such sweet gifts. Enjoy your new decade!

  14. Happy Birthday! You are about 2 months older than I am.

  15. Happy Sixty! What a special husband you have and such delightful friends! I've been in these sixties for quite awhile. They are not bad, not bad at all. Enjoy! Thank you for sharing all this joy!

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Looks like you got some really fun stuff. I hope this will be your happiest year yet!

  17. Happy Birthday!!! Oooh! I love your little glitter houses.

  18. Belated birthday wishes! Beautiful presents for a lovely lady. Enjoy the beginnings of a new era!

  19. Wishing you a very happy belated birthday!! 60 sounds so special! You received so many fun and thoughtful gifts. Imagine a whole village of little sparkly houses! what a fun thing to collect.


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