Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mid October

I feel like I have been robbed out of autumn this year. We had a busy September and October is looking the same. Today it is in the 80s and feels like summer!

Have you seen the plant trend of succulents? I resisted for a long time but have happily jumped on the bandwagon. These are a foreign plant to me but it should be fun to learn about them.

We exchange gifts with our neighbors every year. It's always something handmade or home cooked for the most part. I decided to get a jump on mine this year. I love how they turned out. All of them are gardeners so they will appreciate them. The blue pot is mine.

Caitlin, Dylan, Johnson and Colin

I found this picture of my children while looking for another picture. I think this was 1986, oh my 30 years ago! Dylan is totally not PC with his Indian costume that was worn by my siblings back in the day. I was so worried about Colin who insisted on being a witch. I thought some kids would make fun of him at school but he was adamant! No one said a word, I breathed a sigh of relief.

I still have not really sewn now for about a month. Last night I decided to get in there and at least pick it up. Someone once said "if I vacuum at least it looks a little better". I opted to do more and feel so much better. Maybe tonight I will turn the machine on, I have some baby quilts to make!

Today I stopped at my LQS, The Quilt Block and picked up these gorgeous fabrics by Jen Kingwell. My friend Stephanie has some and it sparked my attention.

I also picked up these two pretty blues as well.

It's so nice to do a good clean up, you even find some projects that you started and totally forgot about! They are all paired up and ready to sew.......



  1. Your sewing room looks very inviting! I hope it inspired you to get in there and make something....not a mess, of course!

  2. Kelly que bonita fotos de tus pequeños,
    las plantas genial todas
    el cuarto de costura muy ordenado
    ¿alguna vez estara el mio asi?

  3. I think your sewing space looks perfect! And those blue fabrics? YUMMY!! Can't wait to see what you make with them!

  4. Love that light pouring into your room. It looks like a happy place. Get on those pretty "Kelly" fabrics!

  5. Your succulents are very cute ! I'm sure they will be a real success !
    Your sewing room is very clean ! Wow !

  6. Love your fall table display! (I also love your oven - jealous!)
    Your gardens turned out great and think your neighbors will love them.
    Yay for baby quilts and fun new fabrics!


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