Friday, June 10, 2016

Getaway Prep

My sewing room is a disaster! I pulled out all kinds of things to get some projects together for a getaway next week. I always feel like I don't have enough projects and I never finish everything I bring with me. There are those times that you don't feel like working on a specific thing you brought, so I need variety.

I like to test things out as well to make sure I can make the best use of my time. The Quick Curve Ruler is a great tool to bring along.

My very fancy sketch of an idea......

But something simple could work too.

These scraps will be used to make.....

 little 4" stars.

My basket of leftovers will tag along as well. These are harder to work with because I need my design wall.

Last but not least a paper pieced project (pattern by Diary of a Quilter) using my Alison Glass fabrics and a very light gray/green Bella solid called Mist. I think this one could be a fast and easy project. I still feel like I need one more.....
How many projects do you need on your retreat?

As a side note, is anyone having issues with Blogger? It takes like 15 hours for my posts to upload, what's the deal?



  1. My fabric & scraps are packed. MUCH less thought. Oh well.....

  2. You two are good! I have done nothing to get ready. Maybe I could just come and watch...

  3. so many, too many. At a retreat you need choices... mindless too. Something you can easily make components for design later. All of yours look like fun to me. LeeAnna

  4. I usually bring 3 machine projects and one hand project. Gives me the ability to switch off if I get bored with one. But then I usually walk around the room and admire what my fellow retreaters are doing and then I consider going shopping.

  5. Now i know this will sound crazy, but on the last little mini retreat I went on I took one project. It was something I needed to do, but knew it would be boring. But being surround by friends and laughter and inspiration I tackled it, got it done and smiled all the way home.

  6. I just got back from a five four day retreat in Spokane with Msry Lou Weidman. I specifically took thre projects that were swap block tops. My intent was to work on appliqué ideas for each. I'm pleased to say I was successful in prepping for all. One may get some more but what I planned got prepped.

    I did realize later that I had a forth project along, some more blocks that I considered planning the sew together if I got bored but never opened up the bag.


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