Thursday, May 19, 2016


So yesterday I visited this lovely place........for 3 days my head was so itchy and I was convinced I had lice. I am scratching my head as I write this.....
For $30 they did a head check, running a very small toothed comb through my hair to see if any little critters were in there. I did not have them, thank you very much, it was worth the $30 to set my mind at ease!
This is my public service announcement for anyone that has ever had to deal with it. They are amazing! They do a one time treatment with no harsh chemicals and GUARANTEE you will be lice free. Now you do have to follow their instructions at home but why wouldn't you? It is expensive, $199 but I remember the stories of people dealing with it and I would have paid anything to be rid of them. I have 4 children and none of them ever got them, thank goodness! If you want to be totally grossed out check out Google Images for lice, it will make you gag. Moving on....

As I was cleaning up last night I came across these stars and put them up next to the checker board blocks. Not bad but it's not going in that direction, I just had to take your mind off the lice!

I am also prepping for an applique class I am holding next week in my home. Our guild had an auction and I donated an applique class for 4 ladies. It should be a fun day and I think they will like our pattern.

This is your last day to enter the scrap give away. The pile grows ever bigger! I think I may have 3 or 4 to give away. Come back tomorrow and find out and be sure to enter your comment over HERE.

Ok now a little computer automatically upgraded to windows 10 I feel like I have no idea where anything is.....any suggestions? My pictures took forever to download and then find. I need a tutorial. Does anyone out there like the change?



  1. Now my head itches! Actually, I had to stop using my shampoo because my whole body was itching! And then my son told me that he bought a new version of Head & Shoulders and he was in an itching fit! He took it back to Costco. Maybe it's your shampoo or conditioner??? I'm so excited about the applique class, can't wait!

  2. And I am scared that I read my computer is going to load Windows 10 TONIGHT.... I never said it could but we will see..... wonder how hard learning an Apple would be....????

  3. Kelly,
    I upgraded to Window's 10 from 8 and haven't had a problem. You might want to turn of their search person that appears on the bottom left (Cortana). I can show you how to do that. Maybe I was just used to 8 and I have a touchscreen so that may be why it wasn't a big deal. We can talk when I see you next.

  4. I recently switched to Windows 10 from Windows XP! You might guess I don't like change. I've had to learn some new things but I've mostly been happy with it. I believe it's been set up to look more like a smartphone. I don't have a smartphone, so that's not helpful to me. I don't think it will take you long to adjust.

  5. REALLY glad to hear you don't have lice! I've never had it, thank goodness, but we went through a terrible month 2 years ago with our 3 kids having it -- nothing would kill them -- I guess there is a strain that is resistant to the shampoo now. I finally tried mayonaise overnight, followed by a comb through with vinegar as a last resort (thanks to the great internet), and that killed them. They all smelled like coleslaw for a couple days! :) Good luck with Windows 10 -- my husband installed Linux on our computers, so we don't have to worry about it.

  6. I was a teacher for many years and saw far too many of these critters. However, I am thankful that in all that time I never had them myself.
    Your applique class looks like great fun. What a great idea as a fund raiser.

  7. Lol on sidetracking us away from your hair issue. It worked. I may be he only one in the world switching from a Mac to a Windows computer. The reason is due to vision issues and the small fonts and search/address bar on the Macs. Have fun teaching your applique class. Great fundraiser idea for your guild.

  8. Yikes. Both my kids had it - EEEEEWWW is all I can say :(
    thank goodness you didn't have it.
    What a great idea to donate a class. I'm going to think about that for my guild. We have very few appliquers.

  9. Just wanted to let readers know - lice and their eggs are super easy to see. No need to pay $30 for each kid. And $199 is way too much - seems like they are playing on people's fears while taking them to the cleaners. I have had tons of experience with all critters (bedbugs also) through a social work job so felt I needed to clarify.

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