Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It Feels Like Monday

My applique class last week was so much fun! All the ladies are making this block, I anticipate seeing the finished ones soon! They were such a nice bunch and we enjoyed each other's company very much. I totally forgot to take pictures but will post them if I get some.

My sewing room has been a little lonely lately.

I found a box that I had forgotten about with lots of leftover pieced things.

Leftover wonky butterflies....

Strip pieces.....

A whole bunch of half square triangle! I can't wait to do something with these....

Some other blocks from I am not sure what....

These were cut off sections from a basket quilt I made a few years ago. Maybe this week I will get some time to throw these up on the design wall.

Doesn't today feel like Monday? This weekend we went over to my brother's very cool old house. Check out this wooden transom that is all hand carved. Isn't it beautiful? Underneath is a curtain rod that they used to block off the living room from the dining room.

It has huge windows and gorgeous woodwork, and parquet throughout. Every room has a different floor design.

All of the original light fixtures are still in the house (over 100 years old). This one was a brass gas lit fixture rewired for electric.

It also has a widow's walk! My brother, sister and I were up there taking selfies! Look at the beautiful wrought iron along the edge. It was quite a view!



  1. That's a cool house! What interesting details. I like your little patchwork discoveries too. Those look like they will be fun to play with.

  2. Can't wait to see what you create with your scraps. They look like they would go together well.

  3. What a beautiful old home! Not sure what a widow's walk is, but its a great view up there! There's lots of fun waiting in those scraps too!

  4. Kelly me encanta el aplique
    ¡¡preciosa casa antigua, muy bonitos muebles!!!

  5. Oh you've made my heart skip a beat. I love old homes with these details. So glad someone lives in them and loves them too. Where is this? Did he wonder if it could be haunted? Stupid question but one sees this on tv... I looked at a 200 year old house here to possibly buy and wondered at the life it'd seen. LeeAnna

  6. You are always halfway there with your scraps, a head start! Your brothers house is lovely. Love the street view from the widows walk.

  7. I save all of my pieced scraps too. The mistakes, the extras, the bits that didn't fit right. Hopefully one day I will have a collection like yours. You have some lovely stuff in there. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  8. I know you'll come up with a great plan for you bright leftovers. Your brother's house is gorgeous. It's so nice that he's left the character of the house intact.

  9. Look at all the gorgeous colours in the leftovers!
    Your brother's house looks stunning. It must be a fascinating neighbourhood.

  10. Wow, your brother's house looks like a real beauty. I love your leftovers - they look like some fun sewing! Your applique is a sweet, fun pattern - hope you'll share photos of your students' work, if you can.

  11. what a beautiful old home! love all the woodwork and ironwork.
    Great leftovers to play with.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one to forget to take photos while teaching. Glad you had a good day with them.


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