Thursday, April 7, 2016

Gloomy Day

My Flowering Snowball quilt is complete! I loved making every piece of this quilt and am thinking of another one, maybe all in pinks. I saw the idea on the blog, Molly Flanders where Mary showed you how to make templates. I decided I wanted to use acrylic and went that route instead. It made it very easy to cut them out and the piecing was not bad at all as the curves are rather gentle. The blocks are 10" finished in size.

It took me a while to machine quilt it because I did't know what I wanted to do. So finally I bit the bullet and just went for it. I did not mark anything because sometimes (for me) it makes it harder, not easier to do. I don't care that the zig zags are not all exactly the same but overall they feel like they are perfect.

In the colored sections I did a flower like design that fills it out well. I like my quilts quilted with no big open spots. I changed threads lots of times to make them disappear as much as possible.

On the outside edges I changed the design because I was afraid if I did the zig zag it might distort it and make it all rippley. It's not perfect but that doesn't bother me.

Another blogger Audrey from Quilty Folk started a sew along last fall. The idea is to make a circle block every day for a year reflecting your mood that day. The circle does not need to be perfect or even a circle. Check Audrey's blog to see what others are doing, there are some great ideas to be found. I started out pretty good and then got caught up in my Zelda quilt and lost some steam. I finished up a few last night to make this into a top and will try and get it quilted this week. My husband has named it "Hamburger Bun".

I used some vintage fabrics and as you can see they are all machine appliqued down.

some of them fade into the background.....

one was a precious fabric that is almost gone!

a pieced block I had laying around gathering dust...

and a few that were fussy cut. I did use the same template for all that I drew free hand but turned it upside down and wrong side out to make them all a little different. This would also make a fun I-Spy quilt. I can't say these blocks reflected my mood more like what scrap was nearby at the time!

Cameron and Jaxon 7 months old

I thought you might enjoy seeing how big Cameron and Jaxon are now. This was taken at Easter and they even participated in the Easter egg hunt.
They are on the move now, so mom and dad have started a new adventure!



  1. Boys are getting so big. Always love your quilts, but the flowering snowball is knock down gorgeous!

  2. Boys are getting so big. Always love your quilts, but the flowering snowball is knock down gorgeous!

  3. Such a pretty Flowering Snowball quilt... you did a marvelous job manipulating the colors! And the boys are so handsome...oh they are going to be a handful...have fun!

  4. You've been busy! I love that snowball quilt- gorgeous! and those boys are so cute!!

  5. Your Flowering Snowball is beautiful!! Maybe this will be the year for mine. Your grands are so adorable.

  6. Kelly precioso tu bola de nieve de floración,
    me gustan tus colores,
    tus pitufinos están muy bonitos,
    gracias por visitar mi blog

  7. I love your flowering snowball. The colours glow and your quilting adds wonderful patterns. I really like the way your circles aren't perfect. Hamburger buns are a fun description. Such cute little bunny boys!

  8. Flowering Snowball kind of represents the spring we've had. Your choice of fabrics are bright and cheerful and it sounds like the technique wasn't too hard. You have a beautiful finish and your quilting designs fit the style perfectly. Love your hamburger buns!

  9. Wow, your flowering snowball looks stunning. Love the colours, fabrics and quilting.
    I also like the way the circle quilt has used up so many fabrics. It has a great look to it as well.
    Aren't the boys growing fast!

  10. I really like the quilt & the name 'flowering snowball'. Perfect for storms of late.

  11. A snowball quilt makes for a great scrap quilt. With your choice of Kaffe fabrics, it is gorgeous. I wish I could machine quilt as well as you. The boys are cuter than the quilt ��.

  12. What a fabulous post! Oh the twin boys are adorable!!!! those cheeks!
    great finish on the snow ball. Your quilting looks great, Kelly.
    Your 360 circles are a delight to look at. I love all the little surprises

  13. Love your blooming snowball the colours are definitely in my colour wheel.

    I see why you liked me VW van! Yours is adorable, love the picnic basket, I'll have yo find it.

    The boys look adorable with their bunny ears.

  14. How can it be gloomy where you are! Look at the quilt you made and you won't be depressed. OMG it is so pretty. I LOVE the colors and how they relate to each other. Good Job! Love your Hamburger Bun, too. And the twins are really growing. So cute, too. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I really enjoy your blog.

  15. Hello Kelly !
    Your quilt is a real beauty ! I'm not a modern quilter but I always loved K.Fassett fabrics !
    Congrats for this finish !
    Each time I look at your "circles", they make me laugh ! Good job....
    And the twins are soooooo sweet ! :)

  16. Your flowering snowball quilt is beautiful! And I think your quilting came out great. What a beautiful way to encourage Spring to show up!

    I love your "hamburger buns" too. Your DH must be quite a guy to come up with a name like that! LOL I think you must have an awesome fabric collection. These are so fun to look at, and a great way to use those novelty fabrics that are so fun.

    Your grands are so cute with their bunny ears, although they look a little dubious. LOL

  17. Hey Kelly! Love your colorful snowball curves quilt, and those hamburger blocks are looking good too. Don'tcha just love quilting?! I wonder if I'll ever tire of it. But, it seems the next wonderful quilt pattern is right around the corner, and always enticing me to do more. Your twin grandies are looking adorable. I'm sure your life is extra-special because of them.

  18. Your flowering snowball quilt is a stunner. Love the "hamburger quilt" too which showcases your enviable stash of fabrics beautifully! The twins of course are ridiculously cute:)


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