Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Monday!

It is a happy Monday today because I am all but finished with my Christmas shopping! I was determined to get it done before Thanksgiving and with the exception of a couple of gift cards all I have left to do is wrap up those presents.
This will give me more time to make some special gifts for my friends and family. How adorable is this pincushion. I am constantly amazed with the new ideas people come up with.

This is the book that the pattern is in. It sewed up very quickly and would be perfect for a last minute gift.

I am learning to use my time more wisely and cut out all these circles at book club the other night. I totally changed my mind about using them, but they are always there and you never know where they might turn up!

I am obsessed with the Flowering Snowball block. I think about working on it all day long! I can honestly say I have conquered my fear of curves and am thinking of all the possibilities that are out there in quiltland!

It has been years since I bought any new Christmas decorations. If anything I have been throwing out all the ratty, worn things that I have no interest in any more. I saw this today and thought how vintage, yet modern it looks.
This year I am hosting Christmas Eve and am going all out on the decorations and food, something I have not done in a long time. Once my kids were grown and gone it loses some of it's fun and luster. Now that the little kids are in the picture the fun is back.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is all about the family (ok the food too). My immediate family is now up to 17 and I love all the craziness the day brings. With a busy week coming up I wish you, your family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  2. Your Flowering snowball is so lovely...and that little Christmas tree is cute..I am on the lookout for those types of small trees for my mantle....hugs, Julierose Happy Thanksgiving....

  3. Kelly bonita entrada!!
    a mi me gusta preparar los regalos con tiempo,
    hace que disfrute mas de todos los preparativos

  4. That flowering snowball is enticing. It's turning out great. Have a great Thanksgiving with your wonderful family.

  5. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. It is more fun to decorate when there are little kiddos around. The little babies in your family may not notice this year, but the twinkling lights might mesmerize them for awhile.

  6. The pincushion is very sweet, I love the fabric choices. Your flowering snowball quilt is going to be amazing when it is finished. x

  7. The flowering quilt will be gorgeous with these fabrics !!
    I wish you a Happy Thangsgiving with all your family ! :)

  8. Here's to to great holidays ahead! The flowering snowball is tempting me.

  9. The little ones always make the holidays more special. I've always hosted Christmas Eve for my family, there's usually 22--25 people and it's slightly controlled chaos - I wouldn't have it any other way! Happy Thanksgiving! And good going with your Christmas shopping done!

  10. Wishing you and yout family a wonderful Thanksgiving! Flowering Snowball blocks do seem to captivate people who sew them. I'm loving the colours and kaffe fabrics youre using.

  11. I am very impressed that you have your Christmas shopping done. That is quite an achievement.
    The pin cushion is lovely and your blocks are looking great.
    Enjoy your family time at Thanksgiving.

  12. what a cute little pincushion! It is great and I love the look of the book.
    I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving - I'm sure you did with those cute kids and babies.
    I'm going all out this year too for a party - next weekend - oops what was I thinking?
    You the curve queen

  13. Question...what size block are you making the flowering snowball? I am considering that pattern and can't decide what size to make the block. Thanks!

  14. Question...what size block are you making the flowering snowball? I am considering that pattern and can't decide what size to make the block. Thanks!


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