Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring Flowers

I am feeling overwhelmed with all the projects I have going on and deadlines are involved. So what does one do, pull out some old applique and start stitching.

My baby quilts for the twins are coming along. The only problem is my math was off and I am short about 2 yards of fabric. If anyone has the black and white polka dot I would love to buy some from you. It's called Mellow Yellow by Red Rooster. Please contact me if you can help!

I have another fabric I can use but really wanted the dots.......

I have been in charge of  the 10" square fabric swap at my guild this year. Our year ends in June so this will be the end of the swap. I think the ladies enjoyed it and have lots and lots of 10" squares to make some awesome quilts.

 Imagine my surprise when one of the swappers, Diana gave me a gift in this beautiful box.

How pretty is this little bundle of fabric, tied with bow?

The have a beautiful hand and will need to go into a special project.

This morning as I was unpacking I found this Thank You note from another swapper, Marianne.

Look what I found inside! Some gorgeous vintage fabrics! I bought a bunch of her scraps at the quilt show and will be showing them to you at another time.
I would love yardage of all of them!
Thank you ladies, unexpected gifts are the best!

My flowers are slowly coming to life. There is a spot in the tree line that I plant leftovers or things that are in the way and I have no where else to put them.

Every year it is a surprise to see what makes it through the winter.

I love these little white flowers that are all around the trees out back. I didn't plant them but they are there every year.

These strange looking leaves are a plant called Dog Tooth Violet. It's a part of the lily family and the flowers are yellow (on mine). The birds planted these. The flowers come and go very quickly so I check them every day. Stay tuned, I will snap a picture to show you.


  1. In the last photo, the ivy that is growing up the tree trunk looks like my hoya. Are the leaves thick and hard? In the shade are the leaves a darker green and spotted with white? I've had a hoya ever since my Mom made one for me from hers that she got from the potted plant that was put onto my Grandma's casket. They are a little hard to start, but I've made a bunch of them to give as gifts, and for Halloween. It's an interesting vine, and the flowers are interesting, too. I've never seen it growing wild. Thanks for sharing your flower pictures. You and your daughter are lovely.

  2. Your photos of pretty fabrics and beautiful flowers have added colour to my morning. I hope you find more of those dots.

  3. I was reading some blogs and yours caught my eye! Yep you get overwhelmed and you pull out soothing hand work, a lot of us out there seem to do it. I am working on Kansas Dugout blocks by hand, it is so very soothing! Thanks for the smile!!!!

  4. Do you belong to any destash groups on IG or FB? If you put a post up there, you might find the fabric. I love how the little 4 pathes look, so it would be a shame if you had to use something else.
    Such pretty fabrics gifted to you.

  5. Your white flower might be bloodroot. I love that flower

  6. Love the picture you posted with your grandchildren!! And now your new post has such interesting projects and beautiful fabrics! What is the appliqué pattern you have listed at the top - it is SO pretty and your fabrics are just perfect!

  7. I LOVE your applique - great combinations and fun prints.
    your 4 patches are adorable! That fabric pack is so YOU. and yes, the box is gorgeous. I love pretty packaging.
    pretty garden shots. I love bleeding heart.

  8. Since you need so much more of the polka dot, could you use anothe size dot and blend the two? Or one size only in each quilt?

  9. Such pretty appliqué . Sorry none of the dots here maybe use a different background for each quilt. Sounds like a really nice group of ladies in your guild.

  10. Good luck on finding your fabric! Looks like you have a good relaxation project going on.:)

  11. Love the wild flowers. I think the white ones are Spring Beauty.

  12. I hope the Fabrics Gods come though for your fabric find. Your applique is beautiful and it looks like you are surrounded by many friends and beautiful plants!

  13. Good luck with your deadlines and also finding that fabric!!
    The gifts you received are lovely. Some very thoughtful friends.

  14. I always enjoy your flower photos as much as your quilts, Kelly!


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