Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday Morning

Yes I am back to making some pot holders.....I do like this pattern. It is from the book Patchwork Please! by Ayumi Takahashi. I don't have the binding on yet and have never bound this shape.

The Chaos quilt is finished.....

This cute butterfly fabric was given to me by my daughter in law Mary. I love it when non sewing people go out of the box and buy me fabric. It is always fun to see what they like!

Be warned family heavy pictures to follow....
This past weekend my brother in law and his wife moved. Most of the family helped them get settled.

Dylan was painting....

Noah, Macen and Wyatt
Cousins were hanging out and helping....

Kevin and John
Beds were put together....

Electrical issues were fixed....

Clothes were hung up.....

Elaborate clothes hangers even got their own truck.....just checking to see if you are still with me.

A hot tub was moved! No easy feat. Now we know it takes 9 Meanixes to move a hot tub!

John, Kevin, Jim, ?, Dylan, Rick, Chip and Bob

I think they are congratulating themselves....there was a lot of discussion about this! This is one of those times that a big family comes in handy. In less than 24 hours after settlement all of their possessions were moved, not bad!



  1. Love that potholder!
    What a nice (and hardworking) family you have....great pix...Julierose

  2. I am a fan of Ayumi's stuff and read her blog too, have made the little baskets several times.
    Glad I wasn't helping moving that hot tub!

  3. That is the most gorgeous pot holder, I love all those red fabrics together. Congratulations on getting the Chaos quilt finished, It seems as though you only started that last week. Isn't it great that the whole family pitches in to help with the move. As they say Many hands make light work, though I'm not sure how light that hot tub was even with 8 big strong guys.

  4. And I love your new header!!! A nice bright welcome!!

  5. Love the fabrics in your potholder especially the center. Your quilt turned out great too! How nice to have a big family that works so well together and helps each other out! Liked the elaborate clothes hanger comment...we used to have one too. :-)

  6. The pot holder is fun and it's great to see the quilt finished.
    So impressed with how well the move went - great to have so many helpers.

  7. That is the prettiest potholder I've ever seen - it's too pretty to use! Thanks for sharing where the pattern came from too. You have an incredible eye for color (not to mention a great stash). I laughed out loud at the "Elaborate clothes hanger" hahaha! You are blessed with such a great family. Thanks for sharing it all!

  8. What a charming version of Ayumi's potholder! And the butterfly gift fabric ~ almost too pretty for a backing!
    Your photos of the family-aided move recall the adage, "Many hands make light work", though the group handling the hot tub may not agree. ;-)

  9. (I just read Rachaeldaisy's comment after sending my comment ~ isn't that funny.)

  10. You are the potholder queen, and they are all adorable. I want you to teach me how to turn those corners with binding. The Meanix family move reminds me of a good old fashioned barn raising.

  11. Great potholder!
    It does make the move go faster with lots of hands! Just getting the beds together and the clothes hung is a huge help. I usually do our moves solo. I used to be able to unpack and set up a basic kitchen, bathroom ,beds clothes and linens in one day. Not any more.

  12. Am so jealous of the big family!!! Looks like a scene out of "Witness" but with modern clothing:)

  13. Oh my! I really don't like moving pictures. They bring back bad memories of all the work! I bet moving a hot tub is like moving a piano - awful. But it was sure nice to see your hexagon-shaped potholder. Very lovely.

  14. Wow, great job! I might need their help in a few years!


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