Monday, October 29, 2012

Freaky Monday

It is a crazy day here in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country. Hurricane Sandy is on the way and I think we are going to be walloped. It just keeps getting stronger, that can't be good. Time to make sure some handwork is on the side lines for when, not if the powers goes off.

I just finished sewing on the binding for my table runner this morning. I love that fabric, Halloweeny but not too much.

To make it a little bit more functional I put some turkeys on the back.


To add a little ambiance to my new runner, some candles on a stormy day.

I am planning on spending the rest of the day watching the news and doing some applique.

Watch the talking heads tell me, not to go out and try in surf in this......

I am in awe of the power of the ocean....

I think this headline sums up the day.

Hopefully I will get my Diary block done and post it later today before the power goes out. If not stay tuned, some of the news is saying 7 to 10 days without power. I will be getting a lot of applique accomplished!



  1. Beautiful table the versatility! Stay safe! I can't imagine going through something like this!

  2. Your table runner is great and reversible too! I'm trying to get some machine work in too before the power goes out. I will be home alone and I have a backyard full of trees! It's pretty scary.

  3. Love that Halloween fabric. Hope you get thru the storm safely!!!

  4. Love your new runner especially its dual role. Stay safe.

  5. Ditto everybody else - love your runner! Looks like toile - but it's halloweeny! And brilliant to do double duty for T'giving too!
    Hope you weather the storm ok - won't you freeze without heat for that long? My daughter is in Boston so I'm watching the news for up there - take care!

  6. Great tablerunner--here in SE CT we are getting 40 mph now and rains...expecting loss of power at any time...lotsa streets awash--we are high up here -- 60 feet above sea level--so are hunkered down--am hexagon-ing along. Love that accuquilt cutter NOW--crankin' out hexagons w/o electricity!! Stay safe Julierose

  7. I'm crossing my fingers that the storm blows away!! Your table runner is so fun, both sides!! You really find the best Halloween fabrics and those turkeys are so cute! Happy appliquing.
    Go Away Storm, leave my friends alone!

  8. I love your runner! That halloween fabric is really choice! I agree, not too corny (candy=corny) just a great print.
    I just turned off the sewing machine and now I'm moving on to applique while I have lights -
    good luck in PA, we have limbs down and really gusty wind here -

  9. Reversible - very clever! Hope the storm doesn't cause you too much grief.

  10. Love your tablerunner fabrics! Hope Sandy is kind to you.

  11. Hope you are ok.
    Great fabric on the table runner.


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