Wednesday, October 24, 2012


A little bragging here.....

How cool is this quilt? During the summer when I was watching all 4 grandchildren I decided we needed a fun project to do. I cut out the pumpkin shapes, gave them some fused fabric and scissors and let them go at it. I think it is so artsy! Amazing what a 9, 7, 5 and 4 year old can do.

Don't you love the "hair"?

Cob web mouth....

This one looks a little like ET....

Griffin, age 7 was very much into this and come up with this little guy.

I like the black and white backgrounds which made the pumpkins pop out..
Lovely striped eye brows...
A unibrow with spiderweb cheeks!
I kept the quilting very simple mostly meandering, matching threads to the fabrics. On the faces I went around all the features to make sure everything would stay on and not come off.
They want to put it on our upcoming quilt show this spring! Could it be possible they are all quilters in the making? I know for sure they are all little artists!!
I tried to put this in my header but for some reason I cannot open template designer so I can resize it to fit, I just get a blank page. Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions??? Please?


  1. love this quilt and now even love it more that the children made the blocks, will always be a special quilt for you now I bet.
    thanks for sharing the story
    sorry I can't help you with the sizing of the picture I am sure someone will be able too

  2. Wouldn't it be fun if they are all quilters in the making? I think all of them did a great job. This quilt and the kids(for creating) should win a prize for most original artwork in the spring show.

  3. Cool indeed! What a creative bunch you have; what a marvelous idea. The quilt will be a wonderful memory for you all.

  4. SO cute! I LOVE this project!

  5. I had noticed your header with the pumpkins and wondered about the pattern. What a terrific idea and treasure!

  6. So cute! I love the wild abandonment of kid art!
    The uni-brown and hair are terrific!
    sooo fun!
    sometimes I have to use safari instead of mozilla to enter blogger, not use what platform you are using. You should also be able to change the header photo in Template in the the Layout section.
    I also have resize mine in iphoto first, then upload.

  7. Last night I couldn't open the page at all, but it is fine now. Hmmm
    The pumpkins are so very scary cute. I must say that my favorite is the pumpkin with hair. LOL Too cute. Oops scary cute.
    You do have a group of artists to work with. I bet you can get at least one quilter out of your grands.
    Happy Halloween

  8. love, love love this! I normally don't like Halloween stuff but this is inspiring me

  9. I LOVE this quilt!!! Everything about it is so much fun. I think it should definitely go in the show!!

  10. Oh Kelly, this is so so precious. You have an entire family of budding artists. What a fantastic idea and a special keepsake.

  11. Woohoo, such an awesome quilt. really truly love it. makes me want to borrow some kids from somewhere...

  12. I saw this in your header and think it's adorable. I think they did a wonderful job.
    I use photo shop and then upload to template designer.

  13. Hi!!! I love it!!! What a great heirloom it is!!! Grandchildren are all that!!!


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