Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Diary Quilt Tuesday

My oldest granddaughter, Fallon turned 9 this weekend. It seems like yesterday that I was giving her a bottle. They do grow up so fast. Her last year in single digits!
This is block #42 and I am growing weary doing this every week. Sometimes I wake up on Tuesday with no block made and no idea what I am going to do! It's one thing to do a block every week that is a set pattern, it's another thing to make one up!

This was my big purchase at the quilt show. It is going to change my machine quilting better for $34.00! They had one that was 2 inches bigger all around and it was $68.00!! 

It is a piece of slippery plasticy stuff that I am sure you could make on your own if you could find the slippery stuff. I used it on the Diary Block but it is so small I am not sure it was a real test. I will let you know.



  1. what a great birthday block.
    I already had the slider, so I popped for the Halo. Looking forward to trying it.

  2. Nice block, love the cake.
    I have a Supreme slider, but it didn't cost that much! I have been trying to find that silicone stuff because I'd love to have a bigger one but don't want to spend the money.
    It has helped me but I've found nothing works when I'm trying to quilt a very large quilt.

  3. I've looked at those but wondered how well they'd work--and wondered if that much more for a bigger one was necessary. Please keep us posted as to what you think.

  4. Happy birthday, Fallon! The block is adorable and you are going to be so proud of this project when it's finished. Go, Kelly, go!!!

  5. Happy birthday, Fallon.

    With 42 blocks done, you have only ten more for a full year! You can do it! Next week but mark the start of fall ...

  6. I've often said to myself "why did I decide to do this?" but in the end it's always turned out better then I thought. Looking forward to how you like the slider, I've been thinking about getting one myself.
    Debbi F

  7. Stick with it Kelly! We all look forward to the remaining blocks! Plus there's lots of inspiration this time of year - Fall, Halloween, the can do it!

  8. Happy Birthday to Fallon!
    I am sure it is hard to come up with one every week. But you have done so great so far, Keep it up. The end is near.
    I would like to know how that slider works.

  9. Happy Birthday Fallon!
    I would never come up with a block every week. You are doing great so hang in there.
    I have to try that slider. I honestly do not think that anything will improve my FMQ. LOL

  10. Happy Birthday Fallon!! Youre almost through the year of your diary quilt, there's not many more to go when you think about it . You can do it!! I've seen those sliders, I'll be curious to see what you think of it.

  11. Birthday greetings to Fallon. Wishing for the best of single digit birthdays. Even though you are tiring of making the weekly blocks, you are astonishingly creative each and every week. These blocks will be a family treasure forever. I don't know how you do it. Amazing

  12. Happy Birthday Fallon!
    You can do it! Can you see the finish line? Just think about the quilt you will make with a year's worth of memories. I can't wait to see it!

  13. Love the B-day Block!! Great job! & Happy Birthday to Fallon!! :)

    I got one of those things for bottom of your oven....was on Sale at Menard's for $1.99! Works pretty great! Have to make hole in middle of course! LOL But works! :)

  14. So will you be upset if I tell you, you can go here:

    to buy a Supreme Slider for $23.71? I buy most of my quilting supplies through this online business, J. Hittle Sewing.

  15. be careful your supreme slider does not slide around. mine moved and next thing i knew the quilting got harder, pulled up the quilt to check what was going on and discovered i was sewing the supreme slider!!! grrrr!!! it is still useable, though not as good. :(
    try buying some clear vinyl, any size you want, the stuff they use on windows. it works just as well.

  16. Happy Birthday to Fallon!

    You will look back on those blocks in years to come and be happy you did them, they are full of memories.
    As for the Supreme Slider I have used it it moved on me I tore it with my needle, stitched thru it also. so I bought another and that one also moves. don't know why people swear by it I start out with it and the gloves and then find I am removing the slider. I think the best thing is just having the machine down in a cabinet with plenty of room so t doesn't drag. hope you enjoyed the show joanne g

  17. Ha Ha just read my email, didn't mean to paint such a gruesome picture of the slider you may love it,....I probably didn't have it positioned right. gotta love me I just spurt out whatever comes to mind and I wonder why I getin trouble sometimes, its all innocent you know joanne


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