Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Diary Block Tuesday

I warned you there were a lot of birthdays in September! This past weekend was my oldest son, Johnson's birthday. Golf is a favorite of his so this is his block!

As a teenager he would wake up at 5:00 am and ride his bike 5 miles to caddy all day long, every weekend. I can't ever remember him getting up for anything that early!

I was spoiled rotten when he was born. The very first night home he slept through the night, he was such an easy happy baby!
He was always an Eagle fan and is now a die hard Phillies fan as well. Can anyone remember who #7 was????

The beach is a place that holds many good memories of some really fun times together. They all got along well.

I love this picture, it was when I was still in control of what they wore! Even though brothers will fight from time to time, they are always there for each other.
He is a very strong, yet quiet person and loyal to a fault. The other day his daughter Fallon ran up to him and gave him a giant hug and wouldn't let go, that kind of says it all.


  1. What a great block and what a beautiful the part where you said the photo was when you still had control of what they wore.....yep those were the good old days.

  2. Nice block. I enjoyed learning about your son. He's a handsome young man. I believe Jaws Ron Jaworski wore #7.

  3. oh I love this block, what a wonderful meaningful post...
    memories aren't they the best?

  4. Love the beach picture. And the picture of them when you still had control over what they wore. LOL
    I remember those days.
    Your block is so cute. Happy Birthday to your son. Thanks for sharing your family memories.

  5. Another wonderful block! You are so clever with all the details. Happy Birthday to Johnson! It's so lovely to hear your description of him and see all the fun photos.

  6. Beautiful family. Creative idea for your BOW. Another amazing block.
    Ah-life is good, most of the time, eh Kelly?

  7. What a lovely post to honour your son and what a great block.

    Happy birthday Johnson (and congratulations to the parents who've done a fine job!)

  8. I just love your beautiful family photos and even more beautiful stories that go along with them. Your blocks are always amazing and you make it look so easy! (even if you are struggling, it doesn't look like it). Was #7 Randall Cunningham? Don't even know where I pulled that out of?

  9. What a great block for Johnson!
    I love the red tea, it is so spot on.
    The family photo is great, what a bunch of blond beach baby kids you had!

  10. Great photos of your children and such a wonderful son to be proud of!! Oh, nice block, too!

  11. Late it is but Happy Birthday to Johnson! I enjoy your family pictures a lot. Johnson looks like his dad.
    What a lovely block for his birthday!

  12. Great block mom! I enjoy your words more though...


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