Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January Cold

My swap quilt is almost complete. I have to take out the papers, which is not fun but this is small so it won't take too long. I am not sure how I will quilt it. Any suggestions?

Have you heard of Temperature Quilts? You make a block a day of your choosing that reflects the high and low temperatures for the day. A lot of quilts I found were with flying geese blocks and it's a favorite of mine so I went with that one. You also can have the geese flying down for below freezing and upward for above freezing!

Here are my two for the past two days. I need to get one done for today too. I am going to put white in them for the days it snows (tomorrow!). Probably in the goose spot.

The Christmas decorations were all put away on New Year's Eve! I was a very happy girl on New year's day. I did keep my deer out as they look kind of wintery.

I love having my many, many, many pincushions out. They are in a little corner of my kitchen with the 2 clear toy candy pieces left from Christmas.

We had a few trees fall in our woods over the summer. My husband is not only a very skilled carpenter but can climb trees too! He has started milling and drying out the wood to make things He made me a cutting board out of our very own black walnut and maple trees! It is in the process of being oiled but soon I will be able to use it!

Just like summer, winter is another time for reading. THERE JUST IS NOT ENOUGH TIME! I cannot do books on tape I don't have the attention span and I enjoy holding a book.
I am really itching to read the Trials of the Earth. Are you on Goodreads? They have lots of good ideas if you are looking for something to read.

I always get too many but at least they are from the library and essentially they are free! The added bonus is if one is not that great you have others to choose from right at your fingertips.
I picked The Light on the Water for our book club in February. It is a bit tedious and the main character is whiny to me.
Hope you all on the east coast have a pot of soup on and your woollies!



  1. Never heard about the Temperature blocks until today but I know, thanks to the TV that lots of states are under the snow and the temperatures are very cold !! :(
    I love a lot your top ! Quilting into the triangles is my idea...
    Congratulations to your hubby for this beautiful cutting board !

  2. The cutting board is gorgeous!!! Tell Bob to keep this up!! I love seeing your pin cushion collection. Also, library gets funding credit for traffic (people count AND checkout count) so never feel badly about checking out extra items. Temperature quilt will be interesting, especially right now.

  3. Wow! Bob’s cutting board is so beautiful!! How special! I love your swap quilt too. How about straight lines through the cente of the triangles? I haven’t been in my sewing room since November and plan on spending lots of time there this month! I miss it so! I just got three books from the library too. I’m a slow reader and know I won’t be able to get to them all. Happy New Year Kelly!!

  4. Temperature blocks...hmmmmm, maybe I really need one more WIP to clutter my sewing room. Of course, the millions of charm squares and fat quarters will not be appropriate, it will take another trip to the LQS, I'm sure.
    I find that the only plase/time for audio books is when I'm alone in my car. Thankfully, I plan a few trips a year, so I do have a time to listen, just not in my sewing room.
    Happy new year,

  5. your temperature quilt looks like a fun challenge.
    Love your pincushion display - and having everything put away is such a nice bonus. I've been collecting things but really putting them away since the attic is freezing!
    looks some interesting books. I recently listened to The Last Gentleman in Moscow it was great. someone recommended it on IG.
    bobs board is awesome!!

  6. The swap quilt is looking gorgeous. And the temperature quilt could be very interesting. You may need fabrics with icicles the way your crazy weather is going. Our Family on the coast in SC had heavy snow this week. Thought that had been all left behind when they moved from PA.
    Your cutting board looks amazing and is even more special as it is out of your own wood. Love it.
    Good luck with all your books.

  7. Your swap quilt looks like it would add a cheerful note to a cold and snowy beginning of January. It's really great.

  8. A cutting board from your own tree, made by your husband. That’s beautiful. You will treasure it always. Temperature quilt... interesting. Love the colors and watching the quilt develope.


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