Thursday, March 16, 2017


Two of the guilds that I belong to are getting ready to have their major fundraising events for the up-coming year. I always contribute my time and make/donate things to help out. Pincushions are fun for me to make and something every sewer/crafter can use.

As with all groups there are the doers and well, those that take a more laid back approach! I am going to get on the soap box and say, your guild is only as good as everyone's participation. I am not saying you have to be in charge of the major fundraising events but doing nothing is not acceptable either. In order for a guild to stay vibrant everyone needs to help out and take turns. Different people with different ideas also make it more interesting for everyone.

The next thing you know people get grumpy and cranky, not a good idea for people who have rotary cutters! Even if you can only participate in a small way, please do so, all those little things add up. Ok I 'm done.

I think cat things sell well and this fabric has just come out, it is called Tabby Road by Tula Pink. I got mine earlier when I was in Houston before it was released to the public. The black and white is a Cotton + Steel.

The backs also sport new and cute fabric.

Why do things just look cute all lined up? These will be available at the Penn Oaks Quilt Guild Quilt Show For the Love of Quilting IX. May 5th and 6th, 2017 at Griffith Hall at the Ludwig's Corner Fire House in Glenmoore  PA, (on Pottstown Pike).
We are a very small guild only 58 members but we have an awesome show, complete with vendors, raffle baskets, mini raffle quilts and food. You can also email me and I will be happy to answer any questions.
For more information and directions, you can go to our website at Penn Oaks Quilt Guild
I hope if you are nearby you will come and see us!



  1. Wonderful pin cushions! One of the kitty pin cushions will definitely be on my shopping list for the Penn Oaks Show.

  2. You are always one of the doers! Thank you.

  3. Just too cute I must say. I love them all! I agree with you, to have a successful organization (no matter what the group), involvement from everyone goes a long way!

  4. They do make me smile, all lined up like that. How big did you make them and what are they filled with and what is that fabric with the swimmer?

  5. Your work is always so charming, total eye candy! Isn't it always the same people "doing" no matter what the circumstances? Whether it's helping with PTA, sports team fund raisers or helping with school plays. Everyone can contribute in some way. What fabric is the sweet bathing beauty? Also, I can believe your Guild has only 58 members!!! Your last quilt show was nothing short of SPECTACULAR!! Incredible quilts, vendors and more! I'm so looking forward to it again!

  6. yes, participation should be fun, not a chore. People should be encouraged to make the group better, but not pushed. If a group is large enough it can provide for people who need to take a break on a certain year.
    I'm a doer, and contribute to a group, but I've been pressured too. I decided to opt out of our local guild because of it. Just the other side of the coin.

  7. Your pincushions are precious and I would love to snap one up if I could. I totally agree with your soapbox sentiments about guilds. You are so correct, and as a member of two guilds, I have experienced exactly what you describe.

  8. I can't explain why, but pincushions just make me smile. Guess 'cause they're little, usually made of cute fabric and put a few of them together and they make a "happy pile."

  9. what a cute group of pincushions! I love them all. What a good message about helping your own guild. If we all do a little we ensure the success of our guilds. Penn Oaks is a nice group of women I really enjoyed my visit last year!


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